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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Standing stones underwater in Lake Michigan? or not??

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  • Ted Sojka
    Thanks, my wife showed me how to do a search on your blog and I found it. Hey, wanted to share with you today s news. The big day happened today after a 25
    Message 1 of 13 , Apr 18, 2009
      Thanks, my wife showed me how to do a search on your blog and I found it.

      Hey, wanted to share with you today's news.

      The big day happened today after a 25 year wait.  About 1983, retracing steps with Dr.  Clark Mallam's memory in my mind,  I stumbled on the mound group on the opposite terrace that we had searched many years ago.

      A site, thought destroyed in 1974 by R Clark Mallam,  had a great day, being officially rediscovered.  The Voll Mound group on the property the locals call the OHara place, was revisited.

      I realized it was still pretty much undisturbed and as surveyed by Orr in 1904..  After many attempts, it all came together this day.

      The land owners, the state archeologist, the Ho Chunk archeologist ( a mound expert in Wisconsin), the Iowa Natural Heritage representative, all got together at the site.

      We surveyed one of the last surviving groups of effigy style mounds on the Upper Iowa River and GPS the size and location for the landowner.  He had signed a permanent scenic easement to protect the ground from future destruction which stays with the deed.

      He was given a lesson on proper maintenance of the property, a fraction of the river bottom farm that was saved from crops by the geography of the place.  I admired the owners who were there and in good spirits.

      Feels good.

      Home Run, bases loaded.

      Wish the late archeologist friend was here to see it, or maybe he was there all along.

      The Earth and the spirits won today and they don't often these days.    The native archeologist, a Seneca, showed us how the site was made visible from the river, so that you would notice it as you canoed by, even though the site was up on a terrace about 60 foot above the river.

      He also showed us how the mound group was to be viewed.   By taking the 1904 map of the site and holding it overhead, he explained how this was a reverse of what is in the sky at night and that this religion that created these earthworks was based on the night and what was in the heavens.

      Ted Sojka
      On Apr 18, 2009, at 8:54 AM, minnesotastan wrote:

      Ted Sojka <tedsojka@...> wrote:

      Stan, can you send me the link on these photos as it is in the archive but I don't know what you called it so I can't seem to find it at present. Thanks Ted

      Ted, you're right, I should have sublinked rather than directing to the top of the blog, which makes navigation more difficult months later.  Here's the link to the specific post - 

      Underwater Stonehenge in Lake Michigan? 

      - and that post contains several links, one of which will be the one you need.


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