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Midwestern Epigraphic Society Symposium April 24-26, 2009 Ohio

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  • Susan
    Posts the past months, the wonderful poems, fine stories, encouragement toward each others research efforts, and the open-hearted support during recent
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2009
      Posts the past months, the wonderful poems, fine stories, encouragement toward each others' research efforts, and the open-hearted support during recent bereavement over the loss of Fred Rydholm and weather emergencies Chris and others experienced along Moorhead-Fargo riverways demonstrates this sense of shared 'community' support can work hand in hand alongside ongoing scientific and open-minded investigation.   I am again proud to be one among a group that comes together with a myriad of unique talents, experiences, and wisdom despite the fact that most of you live considerable distances from each other.
      A phone message came in last night from AAPS Secretary Judy Johnson and her husband Glen DeVlamick inquiring about the setting for the Midwestern Epigraphic Society Symposium which Judy thought was this Saturday.  Judy and Glen are like close kin to the Rydholms and with Judy as Secretary and Glen as the new President of AAPS, they will adeptly use their creativity and skills to continue the visions and goals of Fred, the Board and active membership.  I'd posted at this site the date of the MES event several weeks ago before details were in and told Dr. John White I would try to attend.  I have a roof being torn off and do not know what that entails, so will not know until a day or two before the MES symposium whihc is next weekend, April 24-26 in Westerfield, Ohio.  One of our members, Lee Pennington is a speaker.  The MES symposium link (below) also lists Joy & Lee Pennington's JoLeProductions DVD's. Speakers include:
      Lee Pennington- will introduce and show his latest video documentary,   Let Me Not Drown on the Waters: Fred Rydholm Michigan's "Mr. Copper"
      Scott Wolter, P.G.  ~  Kensington Rune Stone   ~  The Newport Tower
      Richard Moats  ~  It's About Time: Breaking the Clovis Barrier
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