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Goodbye AOL. Enough is enough!

To all of my correspondents: Please be advised that I am terminating my relationship with America OnLine and my new email address will henceforth be
Lawrence Gallant
May 24

Re: 130000+ yeat old Butchered Mastadon found in California.

Thanks for writing in about this site in California. I had not realized this was also the same site Leakey was on prior to 1972. Thank you for your comments
Ted Sojka
May 12

Re: 130000+ yeat old Butchered Mastadon found in California.

Pros and Cons to the Artifact claims at Calico Early Man site https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calico_Early_Man_Site I am personally on the "pro" side of the
Chris Patenaude
May 11

130000+ yeat old Butchered Mastadon found in California.

Barry Fell followers will be happy to know that tools and broken up and a chopped skeleton of a Mastodon were found near San Diego that are believed to be
Ted Sojka
Apr 27


Guys ~ I don't know if all of you are familiar with Myron Paine but he is a biggie in the Ancient American field who I know and respect greatly. You can
Lawrence Gallant
Apr 11

Cedar River Story

Cedar River runs through Cedar Rapids in Iowa, a town that has had several major floods in recent years. As a result they removed a neighborhood of houses that
Ted Sojka
Jan 28


Cretaceous Echinoids -The Clear Lake Gem & Mineral Society will hold their monthly meeting on Monday, February 20, at 7:30 p.m. at the Clear Lake Park Building
Vincent Barrows
Jan 27

Fwd: [ancient_waterways_society] Ancient Waterways

Thanks for your comment. Ii fail to see how a thousand year old village along on of the most travelled river in the country does not count on the Ancient
Ted Sojka
Jan 16

Ancient Waterways

Live u to your name and you may get some activity. N G re-posts do not qualify. How oceans and rivers were used in pre-history does.
Jan 16

Fwd: Des Moines Register story on an ancient village site in western

A new site in Iowa being protected by the state archeologist to deter trespassers and others from disturbing the site. The site encompasses an entire village
Ted Sojka
Jan 16

Re: Fwd: 9,500-Year-Old Man's Face Revealed, Weird Radio Bursts, and

Sorry about your injury, Mr. Sojka. From: "Ted Sojka tedsojka@... [ancient_waterways_society]" To: ancient
Jan 15

Fwd: 9,500-Year-Old Man's Face Revealed, Weird Radio Bursts, and Mor

My right arm is now free at last. I don’t recall anyone filling in on the site while I was wearing a cast and sling. Here is something to ponder while
Ted Sojka
Jan 15

Happy Holidays

Excuse me for not writing much this month. I fell over just before Thanksgiving on a slippery dock on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon and broke my
Ted Sojka
Dec 11, 2016

full moon at the serpent mound

Thanks William, who responded with this additional information about this year's solstice at serpent mound in Ohi0.
Ted Sojka
Oct 17, 2016
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Re: ancient calendar notation

The moon in the Adams county Serpent Mound's mouth has been a long time standing rather than the egg as some feel it represents. The layout of the serpent and
william smith
Oct 17, 2016
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