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  • Ted Sojka
    Nov 12, 2013
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      Great idea, you must be related to Buckminster Fuller!   He designed the radar domes for the DEW line in the arctic, to be dropped in and assembled.   We seem to be having more and more of these huge storms that devastate parts of the world.  The stock in coal companies is going to take a dive and not too soon for the arctic ice melting.   Will Stieger from Minnesota kayaked from South Hudson Bay around the top of the world to Alaska. He used solar powered satellite images to document his journey.

      In the first few hundred miles he wrote that he had clear water where he did not expect it to be.  He kept seeing large white what looked like white bean bag chairs on the shoreline.  He went in to look at one up close and found the carcass of a polar bear that had drowned trying to swim out to the ice shelf they normally feed on when they go to catch seals.  After a few times he quit paddling in to take a look as he knew what the effect of the ice being too far from shore for these great creatures.

      If anyone has not seen the film from 1922 in Innuit lands that is called,  "Nanook of the North", by Robert J. Flaherty, look it up and google and you will see a short trailer on you tube for the film. The New Yorker film critic just reviewed the new Redford movie called. "All is Lost".  In the review he compares it to the Nanook film.   A good film lasts.

      I hope the survivors on Cepo and other islands make it through this latest disaster.  They have had four typhoons already this year.

      On Nov 12, 2013, at 10:47 AM, C Traylor wrote:


       Re such disasters, again I have started action to create a method to parachute relief to remote areas.  The proposal is to have ten-pound pay loads, the parachutes, lines ... everything ... can serve as shelter, catch rain water, and contents of food or medicals .... Color coding of packages.  === Comments desired ...  CAL  


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