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3580Living Lands and Waters / Chad Pregracke

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  • Ted Sojka
    Nov 9, 2013
      Although this is about modern waterways that we have filled with the artifacts of present day society, I feel compelled to share this with you all.  

      You may have seen this fellow on CNN or the Sunday Morning show on CBS, and he is the guy who started out to clean the Mississippi River of trash. One boat, one motor, and one brother at times.
      He now has a hundreds of foot long floating school and recycling center, with John Deere Corporation footing the bill for new motors, several mechanics unions donating their time to install, and many communities along the Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi, Rivers benefiting his clean up work.

      He noticed that towns that did not have recycling centers were the dirtiest river contributors, but when he went to pull up tires, appliances, and general trash, lots of volunteers showed up to help.  He is planting thousands of trees that will repopulate some of the islands with food bearing species that will help restore the river.   He had more energy than most speakers I have heard at the local college where I live.  He has his mission in life and a secure job for the rest of that life.

      NOW, he has been nominated for an award from CNN and you can vote for him every day, one vote, on line, so that his foundation can receive a monetary award to continue work on our rivers.  

      Vote often, but just once a day until Thanksgiving.          

      His project is called Living Lands and Waters, and you can google that if you are interested to find out more.  Next summer he plans a huge effort around Nashville and has invited people to come, alone, in groups, car and van full.  I hope he gets a thousand people to help in the clean up and enjoy the festivities and big band programs for the benefit of the project.

      Ted Sojka
      Ancient Waterways Society