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  • Jither
    Apr 8 6:52 AM
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      Thank you!!!!  Never heard of these pygmy elephants!   I read the Wiki article on them.  Seems these California Channel Island pygmy elephants were still living around 10,000 to 11,000 years ago-  indeed, prehistoric.  But historically, could some type of elephant or mammoth been alive in No. America?  That is, even pre-Columbus?  There were northern traders (mainly French) and fishermen (Eng/Irish/Norse) for many years before Columbus came over, in the St Lawrence watershed area, and continuing down the coast of New England;  the Grand Banks, for example, was fished for cod long before Columbus.  So, maybe these European folk sighted elephants?   I still don’t think so, just because the climate would not allow. 


      Your thoughts?



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