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11Midwest Sacred Sites

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  • Pamela Giese
    Jan 17, 2005
      List --
      I again find myself a casualty of corporate reorganization, but this
      time have vowed not to squander the "time off due to severance" as I
      ready the house for sale and contemplate whether or not I want to
      return to the cubicle factory of data analysis.
      I'm thinking about reviving an idea around field trips (or longer) or
      book regarding ancient sites in the midwest.

      I am constantly amazed at the number of midwesterners (especially
      here in Chicago) who think they need to run to Sedona to find power
      centers or sacred sites. On a less new-age topic, many don't even
      know about the Effigy mounds.
      So I've been thinking about some sort of activity to educate and draw
      awareness to this topic. Basic first steps would be a general
      inventory of sites, accessibility, and program development.

      Should I take this off-list or would this sort of exploration be a
      good online project for this list?

      What do you think?