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Re: Ancient Art of Wisconsin

Does anyone know what the symbols at the top of this map are? I know one of them is Serpent Mound. Thanks for your help. Karla Akins On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at
Karla Akins
Apr 24
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Ancient Art of Wisconsin

Since many members are in Wisconsin, these images of ancient art that may be from the Oneota period, need to be preserved by the new laser survey methods. The
Ted Sojka
Apr 23

Re: Chauvet Cave

Cool On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 6:37 PM, Ted Sojka tedsojka@... [ancient_waterways_society]
Karla Akins
Apr 9

Chauvet Cave

A treat for people interested in history and art. The Smithsonian's April issue features one of my favorite caves with some very ancient art around 30,000
Ted Sojka
Apr 9

Re: New mysteries at an old mound site. [1 Attachment]

Fascinating. Thanks for the graphic. Helps me understand more! Karla On Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 10:54 AM, Ted Sojka tedsojka@... [ancient_waterways_society]
Karla Akins
Apr 6

New mysteries at an old mound site.

This today from Ohio, where the past cultures had constructed the giant Serpent Mound, near Peebles. Ohio. There are so many things unique about this mound
Ted Sojka
Apr 5
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Paleo Hunters in the great lakes

We have put this site with pictures of stones that are on a sand bar in Lake Huron that were used by Paleo hunters to corral Caribou do the hunting season
Ted Sojka
Apr 4

Re: Fwd: Vero Beach + other sites

Thanks, Cal. On Apr 2, 2015, at 12:57 PM, TRAYLOROO trayloroo@...
Ted Sojka
Apr 2

Re: Fwd: Vero Beach + other sites

 Mastadon killed marked by a human, try this in your search window .....mastodon and human together evidence Cal Traylor  ======   Mastadon killed marked
Apr 2

Fwd: Vero Beach

Vero Beach, Florida While down in Tampa area we watched a news show about the well known archeologist who was to assist in a repeat dig at Vero Beach with a
Ted Sojka
Apr 2

Re: from JQ Jacobs

 VERY .... INTERESTING   "All historic facts are subject to change hourly." Cal   ======   From: "Ted Sojka tedsojka@...
Mar 29

from JQ Jacobs

Lidar Rules What a way to find an interesting city so unique that they are not sure what it was built for in the Mayan era.
Ted Sojka
Mar 28

Mound Article

Ted Sojka
Mar 27

The Land Across the Ocean

The Land Across the Ocean The following rather unusual legend was told by Mrs. DC. Legends of journeys to lands across the water are quite common on the
Vincent Barrows
Mar 17

David Anderson / book

A reminder that not all remains are found in convenient places. There was a bog in Florida that held a virtual graveyard of information preserved in Peat, as
Ted Sojka
Mar 15
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