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  • Sunil Nair
    Dear Niyas Ji  i agree with u and most of this incidents were false flags but islamic people also has a past hisotory of agression,and no leaders codemn it or
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2013
      Dear Niyas Ji 

      i agree with u and most of this incidents were false flags but islamic people also has a past hisotory of agression,and no leaders codemn it or ask the Youths to stay away frm such influences 

      rgrds sunil nair 

      --- On Sun, 21/4/13, niyas abbas < wrote:

      From: niyas abbas <

      Oh Gemunu ... I got to intervene here a bit ... to clarify your rusty brains ...
      Let me tell you the story ... first let me tell you how FBI works .... if you want you can nourish your depleted brains with these facts or if you want to be the racist you try to be, then, be so ... truth will never suffer because of your arrogance. Only you will suffer at the end ... when Judgment will be due.
      Modus Operendi of FBI is to recruit potential Muslims who work for money. We had such kinds under the payrol of LTTE called Buddhist Tigers. Don't tell me you didn't know that. They (bearded FBI prechers) go and preach extremism to youths who are charged with anger over the mass murder of Muslims elsewhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc by Americans. This bearded FBI agent offer them FBI made bombs or bomb making material and then quietly leave them for FBI to arrest. FBI has on numerous occasions admitted to this. They then arrest and torture them and throw them in hell holes without any human rights or any trial.

      These two nice looking Chechens were another type of victims ... this is similar to what happened in London bombing. If you really want I can give you the full story at your request to understand facts with evidence. These guys by no means are religoius or alqaeda flavoured. But they were "friends" of FBI since 2006 according to FBI report. Their father too met the FBI in their residence when he was in Boston. One guy has a greek girl friend too. They are but intelligent handsome guys pursuing higher studies in top colleges in Boston. They are quite popular too in Boston one being a boxer. If you carefully see the pictures released while carrying those back packs these guys were in smiles. You will never guess they are guys carrying some lethel weapon which could destroy them if a single wrong move is made. Yes, they are innocently carying a pack perhaps handed over to them by the same FBI of course in return for a lot of money which they will need to complete their studies and get a good job and enjoy their life with their girl friends.

      But unfortunately they realized it was not what they were told what it was. They had to run and look for a hiding place... they were not ready to get out of the country either since they were not suicide bombers. They propably didn' t have the money to buy a ticket and get out fast since it was a surprise to them. Had they planned it themselves they would have made arrangements before hand atleast to move out of that area or out of the country since there would have been many accomplices to him ready with funds. So they killed the first one so that he will not "talk" and the second perhaps survived not for their liking. Yet who will question him other then culprit, FBI and tell the world what he confessed.

      Why did FBI do this .... there could be many reasons ... one could be ...

      Three days before they launched a new gadget called the "Mass Casualty Tablet" device which works on Android. When a mass casualty situation like this happens they would use this to pass injured information to the hospital in advance. SO they need a scenario to test this. They announced they will use this for the first time at the marathon site. This is one possibility. ALso they may have used this to check the readiness of emergency services. There could be another hundred reasons. But definitely these are not "fanatic" Islamic suicide bombers expecting Jennah thru' Jihad. This is good for the people of hatred for Islam to believe and live in a dream world.

      Now I leave this you over to you to give your reasoning if you don't agree with me. Do it in a decent manner so that the readers will give you the right respects.


      From: Gemunu Wirasinghe <>
      Subject: Re: Boston Islamic terrorists

      Who is the idiot who said the Boston terrorists were not Muslims?

      Another idiot said it is an inside job. They also said 9/11 was an inside job including Bombay attack was an inside job. As I said before they always deny crime and play the role of victim. It is their strategy.

      They are the same pigs who in 2004, stormed a school in the Russian town of Beslan, taking more than 1,000 innocent people hostage and killing more than 300, most of them children. Then they went on to bomb underground trains in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia killing hundreds of commuters.

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