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Cheiro’s Hand Print: A new revelation. (Double line of head)

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    Cheiro wrote about the double line of head: A double Line of Head is very rarely found, he wrote, but when found it is a sure sign of brain power and
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      Cheiro wrote about the double line of head: "A double Line of Head is very rarely found," he wrote, "but when found it is a sure sign of brain power and mentality." Cheiro, in an interesting self-reflection, then enumerated some of the ambivalent qualities of the double Headlines: "Such people have a perfectly double nature–one side sensitive and gentle, the other confident, cold, and cruel. They have enormous versatility, great command of language, a peculiar power for playing and toying with human nature, and generally great will and determination"

      Let us understand the same under the light of nadi sastra and Palmistry. Head line is actually "Matru-rekha" or "Matra-rekha" or "Dhan-rekha" in Indian Palmistry. Moon rules this line as it always ends near the mount of Moon. It marks a journey from base instincts of Mars (like anger, frustration or animal instincts) to better instincts of Moon (emotionality, sensitivity, compassion etc.). There are actually two lines that originate from Mars. The other one is life line which is known as "Pitra rekha" or "Shukra-rekha" in Indian Palmistry. It shows the journey of man from baser and animal instincts of Mars to generosity and affection related to Venus. I am not talking about any planets mentioned in modern day palmistry. We do not have negative planets in hand in Indian Palmistry. We just have marks which indicate the presence of negativity in a planet's output. Any line can end at a different field but that is an exception and not a general rule.


      What Mr.Cheiro is talking about, in the above mentioned phrase is marked in the picture. He is talking about lines 1a to 1b and 2a to 2b.His idea about the double line of head is little bit faulty. According to astrology every indication in the horoscope is present in the lines of hand. As Moon indicates the mental faculties, it also represents the planet Moon in the horoscope. There cannot be two Moons in a single horoscope so it is very evident that there is only one Moon line or head line or "Matru Rekha" representing the aforesaid planet. Please note that I may sound very idiotic but I request you to read the full article to comprehend what I am explaining over here.Before continuing further, I must tell you about a story which is circulating on many websites and which also influenced me as well. It was circulated by Mr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali and was foolishly copied down by others (including me). It says that Mr.Cheiro practised Panchanguli Sadhna in India. It also says that all his powers were mere attributions of this sadhna only. The fact is Cheiro never worshipped Panchanguli. Though Cheiro possessed psychic powers, but these powers were not provided by the sadhna or worship. If you have read all the books written by Cheiro, you will understand that Mr.Narayan Dutt Shrimali was lying about it.

      His idea was to create hype for his mantra (Which is wrong as it carriedincorrect Sanskrit syllables) through this. Anyways, I mentioned this story because of a very good reason which will be clear in the coming paragraphs.Cheiro has Moon in Leo in the tenth house in his horoscope. Leo is a stable sign which can control the emotional outbursts of Moon. As such with Mars in Cancer and flickering Moon in Leo, it also indicates a slowly ailing heart. The interesting part of the horoscope is the placement of Rahu in Virgo in the eleventh house. A nadi astrologer will interpret it as Matru Pitri yoga which sometimes confers a boon on the person. If you look at the print in the picture you will realize that Moon line 1a to 1b is starting from pitri area known as Rahu. Also Moon line is taking the shape of a serpent. This also indicates the presence of Moon near Rahu in actual horoscope. His horoscope has Moon in Leo and Rahu in Virgo in the next sign. In Indian Palmistry the area near the little finger; is represented by Dragon tail or Ketu (i.e. above "Jeeva-rekha" or line of heart). The area below Jupiter`s mount and above the line of life is ruled by Dragon head or Rahu. Rahu represents the baser version of Jupiter which represents the higher form of divinity. That is the very reason why Rahu is associated to ghosts, spirits or ancestral spirits. (There is a legend related to these two nodes that associates them to Sun and Moon. Hereby, they are actually cutting the two mounts of Sun and Moon from centre, if we draw an imaginary line from Rahu to Ketu. They are sitting in between the two if you can understand what I mean by the same.)This combination which is present in the hands of Cheiro is a combination of influence of some pitri or some powerful spirit on the human psyche. As the line of Moon represents mother, most of the time the person is possessed by some ancestors coming from maternal side or the spirit of some lady. It actually represents some dead entity which rules the mind of a person.

      That spirit or power may or may not reveal the future depending on its power. In western countries spirits use mediums to speak or express themselves. But in India, there is a very different notion about this subject. Possessions of any form are considered problematic for the native. In Delhi and in South many communities are in habit of seeking such individuals who are possessed. They call them Devi or Devta and possessions are named as Chauki. The fact is there is no Devi or goddess who possesses a human body. These possessions belong to inferior spirits who have inflated egos and untimely deaths. People who seek help from these so called Devi, Devtas ruin their spiritual life. A person who seeks help from a spirit has to suffer from "Preta-yoni" as he has to return the obligation to the spirit. Such devi devta (mediums) live very wretched life and eventually die in pitiable conditions. Their horoscopes indicate severe mental aberrations and their bodies get impure because of possessions. Please note that once your body gets impure due to possession, you have to clean it properly through remedies so that your body should not become a gateway for other spirits.In the case of Cheiro, a powerful yoga of Moon and Rahu is there in the hand. His debilitated Mars represents the line 2a to 2b. This line can also travel towards mount of Saturn or Sun in some hands. This is not the line of Moon. Line of Moon always ends at Mount Luna. Not only this, his Moon rules Magha constellation in the horoscope. Magha is ruled by ancestors only.

      His mount of Moon is very prominent in the hand and mount of Moon gives you very strong imagination. Please note that imagination is a secret but dangerous ingredient for intuition.Cheiro was definitely helped by some powerful spirit. He has Sun in debilitation combined with Saturn in the twelfth house. His Gulika occupies the ascendant. This also points towards same kind of thing. If you study his books, you will realize that he was not spiritual in any sense. In fact all his writings indicate just the opposite of what a Sadhak does. Though he became very famous and rich but his life does not indicates any kind of spiritual yearnings. There are other things which are not related to spirituality but are related to calculations and maths.

      His Ketu is in Karakamsha(ascendant chart) which makes a person mathematician and skilful in Jyotish or astrology. Not only this he has Venus and Mercury in trine to his Karakamsha which gave him his profound writing skills. In Karkamsha of D-9 his Sun and exalted Venus are there. According to texts "O Brahmin, if Surya is in the Karakamsa, the native will be engaged in royal assignments. He will enjoy pleasures and be a scholar, more so, if Shukra gives a Drishti to the Karakamsa." I have also seen that a person possessing an exalted Venus with Sun in Karkamsha (D-9) always possess some kind of supernatural power to analyse truth.

      In fact, this combination of Sun in Pisces and Venus exalted is a beautiful combination if Pisces happens to be your Karkamsha. This makes you famous and followed by Royal and mighty.There are other lines in Cheiro's hand which are worth noticing. His "Shani Rekha" or the line of destiny from 3a to 3b runs towards the mount of Sun instead of Saturn. You can easily understand this if you know that his horoscope has a combination of Sun and Saturn in twelfth house. According to "Hasta Sanjeevan";"Sarthavaho dhani netoudharvarekha cheshivashrita"This "Udharva Rekha" or the line of destiny which reaches the base of finger of Apollo or Sun makes a person rich and a trader. He becomes a master of his own field.There is another line from lower part of mount luna ascending towards Saturn but is curdled half way. It forms the cross below the finger of Saturn. This shows his other pursuits towards "Kimiyagiri" or Gold making and writing for Hollywood. His cross indicates his love for mysteries. 


      "This is according to my tertiary understanding of astrology and very basic knowledge of Palmistry. Please forgive me if I am wrong somewhere." 


      Regards,  Alok Jagawat. 

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