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Re: Saturn's Transit Results of 2.5 Yrs...But on what basis?

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  • bhaskar_jyotish
    Dear Shri Sunil Nairji ji, You are a Master Blaster. I love reading all your mails and read them fully. Your lines - Now to become a successful astrologer u
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      Dear Shri Sunil Nairji ji,

      You are a Master Blaster.

      I love reading all your mails and read them fully.

      Your lines -

      Now to become a successful astrologer u simply wants a good marketting person behind u than u learn so many yrs and work sincerely "

      sums up the present day definition of a "successful" astrologer.

      Love and regards,




      --- In ancient_indian_astrology@yahoogroups.com, "astro_tellerkerala" <astro_tellerkerala@...> wrote:
      > Dear chandu Ji and grp
      > Thanks for raising an imp question
      > why transit is important at all ??
      > i think this is the reason
      > Our birth chart is map of heaven at the time of Birth ,if u see u can
      > see all planets r still and staying there for rest of the life in our
      > Birth chart and we assess chart on that basis of dasa s . and basis of
      > planets and ownerships etc etc
      > But we all know that all this planets also moving
      > so transits as a whole is also considered for seeing that effects and
      > their movmnt will trigger the houses and karaka s ,some sensitiv points
      > ,even 64th amsa points ( this also can see frm various karakas too )
      > ,some points like what we call brigu bindu etc etc too in this movemnt s
      > this shud b read along with dasa s and other methods we follows
      > since sat and jupiter is slowest planets and their position frm moon is
      > considered as moon is karaka for mind too .This is the general method s
      > used by most of the Popular astro sites or news papers
      > But it has to b seen frm many angles ,including ashtavarga
      > All Know that Moon is having 2 1/4 days presense in a sign ,where as
      > Lagna is shorstest unit .then there is various karaka s ,marriage karaka
      > venus ,satru Karaka mars ,karaka for cheating rahu etc etc ,so taking
      > transits frm MOON only is too general but easy to publicise such
      > transits tru media s .So it become a general accepted system
      > even we hav to see how it is interacting with various karaka and
      > activating which houses ,also we must not forget the desa ,kala patra
      > principle too
      > if dasa is good No bad transit can destory its significations
      > sani is natural 10th L and 11th lord ,so it rules our karma and its
      > results ,jup is considered as sarveshwara karaka and jeeva elemnt in
      > chart
      > it is also natural 9th L hence rules our bhagya too
      > hence this 2 transits are important ,but all this has to b seen with our
      > birthcharts and dasa s etc
      > i am trying to giv a simple answer here
      > Most of the commercial astrologers utilise this transit time to make
      > some money ,and the reasons r many
      > No body will go to an astrologer and pay him good unless he trumpet
      > himself ,all ppl r after TV or net astrologers who ever advise max will
      > get max clients ,so we shud also think that all this will also cost them
      > money .I hav seen some astrologers spends upto millions ( a yantra
      > seller - i am calculating his advtmnts also in many forign media s )
      > daily for simply advtising ,so even if they truely charge money ( let us
      > assume they r good astrologers with good grasp of subjuct ) how much he
      > can earn in a day after deducting his expenditure .what abt the days
      > when he takes a leave or sick,or needs to attent some family /social
      > functions etc ,do u Know what is the rent of one office room in places
      > like delhi in a decent market place ?? it may b one lac RS even per
      > month to hav a office in a nice place and then running expenses are
      > there .
      > so pls think abt this ,who is responsible for such a plight ??It is our
      > ppl only .They r not ready to support the good ,satwik astrologers ,and
      > this also a profession so finaly it is survival of fittest
      > who is ready to compete and out smart others win the race ( it is new
      > mantra in this kaliyuga )
      > do u know even if we spend six months ( on some cases of mental tensions
      > after a break in Lov or a divorse case etc ) daily for some persons
      > finaly they come with absues only .
      > So we hav to think all sides and views too
      > one TV progrmme will cost min 30 to 50 thousand rs ,all thinks the TV is
      > giving free platform ,which is not true
      > so even if astrologer work honestly how much he can earn in a day ?
      > also think of city astrologers who has to bear all rise in price s and
      > other paraphernalia of city life ,even a school fees may b 3000 in mega
      > cities per month for a kid
      > So along with fighting against such evils we public also shud hav an
      > awareness on why it is happening so
      > Now to become a successful astrologer u simply wants a good marketting
      > person behind u than u learn so many yrs and work sincerely
      > sorry i will write later more later
      > rgrds sunil nair
      > --- In ancient_indian_astrology@yahoogroups.com, Manoj Chandran
      > chandran_manoj@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Dear Chandu Ji,
      > >
      > > Saturn being the outermost planet and due to its speed (or the lack of
      > it) does have a great influence during transit. Whether this influence
      > is positive or not needs interpretation and this includes a hierarchy as
      > well. Natal chart strength/weakness, Dasha, Antar and then it is
      > transit, in that order. Transit cannot create what the Natal chart does
      > not promise. At the same time, Natal promise cannot fructify without
      > Transit help.
      > >
      > > In quoting another astrologer you have put me in a tight spot because
      > now I (a learner) risks disagreeing with an experienced astrologer. Also
      > since you have not reproduced the whole analysis, it may not be fair to
      > comment on it. But from my logical mind, I cannot agree that Saturn's
      > relationship with the Rashi will have no impact on the transit effect.
      > Ofcourse we need to consider several other factors including the house
      > ownership of Saturn and Moon. We also cannot ignore the position of
      > Saturn/Moon from the Lagna as well.
      > >
      > > On top of all this, the degree of placement of Moon is important. If
      > Moon is 1 degree Virgo or 29 degree Virgo, don't you think it will make
      > a difference? Should we then consider Sade-Sati from 45 degree on either
      > side of the Moon's degree position, instead of Rashi alone? And ofcourse
      > Nakshatras also play an important role.
      > >
      > > But, I can assure you that if Dasha is bad, Antar dasha is Bad and
      > Sade-Sati arrives, even if Sa has good rulership and Moon has good
      > rulership, still there will be serious problems. I am a live test case
      > for that in the past 7.5 years.
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > -Manoj
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ________________________________
      > > From: nanna_id2006 nanna_id2006@
      > > To: ancient_indian_astrology@yahoogroups.com
      > > Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 8:03:26 AM
      > > Subject: [ancient_indian_astrology] Saturn's Transit Results of 2.5
      > Yrs...But on what basis?
      > >
      > >
      > > Dear All,
      > >
      > > Whenever Saturn and Jupiter begins new transit be it A or B house it
      > is an opportunity for the Website/Web Astrologers to encash the same to
      > the maximum extent by just sending mailers with generic influences of
      > the said planets based on Rashi signs, Ashtama shani etc etc making
      > gullible members/public fall pray and spend so much of money in the name
      > of Shanti, pooja etc... Even there's one Baba's Astrology website keep
      > on sending Shanti..Homam Pooja notices every 15 Days!!!:-)
      > >
      > > Well, i would like to know from the esteemed and learned members here
      > in AIA and their respective views on..
      > >
      > > How Saturn's Transit into particular house(s) with each house having 3
      > Nakshatras effects the native....?
      > >
      > > Here i have one very useful perhaps may be a good observing tool if i
      > may call it. Even i observed with my own experience during all these 2.5
      > yrs Transit of Saturn in Leo which is 8H from my natal Moon.
      > >
      > > This was told by one of the very exprienced, practical and scientific
      > bent Astrologer in an another forum long back i don't want to reveal the
      > name at this point of time but i have my respect and regards to him..
      > >
      > > Quote:
      > >
      > > -> "It is not saturn's relationship with the rashi it is transiting
      > but the moon's relationship to the rashi/lord which saturn is transiting
      > that will determine if the period (2.5 years at a time!) would be
      > positive or negative! "<-
      > >
      > > Unquote
      > >
      > > What are your observations/ views?
      > >
      > > Kindly share......
      > >
      > > Regards
      > >
      > > Chandu2Chill
      > >

    • venkatachala pathi
      Shri Mohit Virmani ji, Thank you  Blessings. A.V.Pathi,   Astrologer, ________________________________ From: Mohit Virmani To:
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        Shri Mohit Virmani ji,
        Thank you

        From: Mohit Virmani <mohitvirmani33@...>
        To: ancient_indian_astrology@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 2:48:51 PM
        Subject: [ancient_indian_astrology] Re:Punarfoo yoga Saturn's Transit Results


        Respected Pathi ji & all,

                                           Well i agree wit u wit Punarfoo Yoga , even i went so mch ups n downs in my relationship n in marriage, Thanks Mohit
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