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71461Re: [AIA] RE: All siblings having Saturn Dasa - Saturn Bhukti - Any special message for us?

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  • leela sastry
    Dec 28, 2013
       Dear     Raj ji,
      WHEN    many    members   in  a   family    are   under  Saturn's   influence , they   undergo    larger    than   life   miseries . But   as   pointed    out    by    you .   they    emerge   victoriously with    high   level   of   spirituality   and   humanity .The   sense   of   justice   , committment    to    duty ,idea   of    service   in   case   of    Thula natives    is    rather    high   when  Saturn   is   placed   in   cancer   and   Moon   is   placed    in   Aquarious   in    exchange All    this    is    experienced    in  Saturn   dasa  very    strongly .Their   mission    in   life    is  very    different   and    they  understand    that   in Saturn   mahadasa .

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      Subject: [AIA] RE: All siblings having Saturn Dasa - Saturn Bhukti - Any special message for us?

      Dear Harsha,

      Very emotional and straight sharing about your whole family.
      You have try felt the experience of Rahu,Jupiter and now Sani. I have treated them as my biggest Gurus,and I tell the seekers that all the 3 take us through various allays of tough testing,almost to the extent of some crazy and mindless thoughts and acts. But ultimately turn you into pure gold. Almost half the life is covered by these 3 great planets. My journey in life began at the age of 16 with Rahu and now I am under Sat-Rahu.I wonder when I look back, how vast and rich experience I have gone thro. I also agree that the placement of these 3 planets in any birth chart plays very significantly roles. Since you have shared the placement of Sat in the charts of your sister and brother. I would share here that I am Sc lagna with Mars, Jupiter in Sg,Rahu in Ar,Saturn and Ven  in Leo. There was a period when my elder dauaghter,younger daughter and wife were undergoing Saturn dasha together,with difference of 3-4 years of dasha ending. They are in Mercury dasha now, from 1999, 2008 and 2009 onwards respectively. The family did have problems,but thankfully all were doing prayers,wearing iron ring, giving Dan etc. I know these periods were tough,but mercifully they had good will power.

      What I feel that, for not much strong persons, some mantras and wearing of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha and a iron ring can be of some good help, as they will get a feeling that they are wearing something;and become hopeful that it might help them. Here belief works. I am treating such cases effectively,as they really feel they need something to help them.(It is other matter that for last 3 years I am not doing any pooja or mantras. Just wearing one iron ring and a 5 mukhi rudraksha, frankly as an astrologer,I need to show it to others that they can get their worries reduced like me,as I tell them that I am also undergoing Saturn dasha since 2000. For your brother I hope you may have tried the organisation called Alchohol Anonyems". My nephew of 28 years age, had gone deep into drinks,after my elder brother went missing in 2006, and my Bhabhi died due to blood cancer. He was willing to get treated and recovered fully in 5-6 months.The boy is now an Associate Editor in a very reputed english magazine.He is a non believer,hence I could not help him astrologically.
      Apart from the above , the Mantra I recommend are 32 names of Durga Ji and Sh Hanumat Vadvanal Strot.If you need I can send you my collection of mantras.

      Kubendher Ji has given really  very effective guidelines for those who have strong willpower and can follow his guidance.

      With my regards and best wishes.

      Raj Bhardwaj

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