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71458RE: All siblings having Saturn Dasa - Saturn Bhukti - Any special message for us?

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  • divine_seeker
    Dec 28, 2013
      Namasthe Kubendharji,

      Thank you for your experiences and suggestions.

      One thing that I have particularly experienced is that I am attracted by Violet these days. I believe Violet is the true color of Saturn and color of Sahasrara Chakra. Also heard that meditation/study under violet adds more depth and knowledge.

      True, he is teaching me the true science of life. Also I am seeing a bit of arrogance and need to control my words.

      Also,  I feel Saturn is NOT be be feared but accepted as a disciplined teacher. He is teaching me patience, self-reliance and in-depth knowledge of many spiritual sciences ( During Rahu and Guru Dasas, I had amassed a lot of bookish knowledge, but not of use to gain peace and tranquility). Now they are fructifying!

      I need to convince my elder brother/sister about the necessity to change their attitudes and orientation towards life.

      Thank you, again!

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