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71456All siblings having Saturn Dasa - Saturn Bhukti - Any special message for us?

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  • divine_seeker
    Dec 27, 2013

      Our parents have 3 children - 2 brothers (both unmarried) and 1 sister (married). Now both the parents have expired.

      One interesting observation that I have made is that we all have Shani Dasa - Shani Bhukti as of now. Lord Saturn is in exaltation now.

      For me (youngest), Saturn is the most beneficial. Tula Lagna - Kumbha Rasi. He is placed in Pushya nakshatra ( own star). He is placed in 10th house and has a Parivarthana (exchange) with Moon. Saturn Dasa started in April 2012.  I have benefitted enormously mainly on spiritual path and learning the true skills of life. Though my career had a break in Dec 2012, still I am concentrated on improving health and acquiring new skills etc. My epileptic seizures have stopped.  I have gained enormous peace of mind which was disturbed during Jupiter Dasa ( my academic skills got into ordinary from extra-ordinary, developed epilepsy which never responded to any medication, death of parents, burden of brother etc). I have realized that Saturn is making me completely self-reliant and strong. Also acquiring spiritual knowledge etc. Also I am resolving many unresolved issues of my parents etc. I am grateful to this divine period.

      But my brother ( Simha rasi - Vrishchika Lagna - Uttara Nakshatra ) has gone to suffering mode. He was a chronic Schizophrenia and tortured my parents during their final phase and had a free-run at home with smoking addiction etc. Now he has been placed in a rehab center and feeling suffocated as he has lost all his previous freedom where smoking etc are not possible at all.  As he is already 56, he has dangers of further health issues and possibility of permanent placement in a confined place till the end. Unfortunately he is not realizing the need to uplift himself. His Saturn Dasa started in June 2013.

      Also my sister - Kanya Rasi, Meena Lagna and Hasta nakshatra. She lost her husband and has 4 daughters - 3 already married. She is struggling to get her 4th daughter get married. Also she has become hyper-sensitive to remarks/criticism etc. So she is under enormous mental pressure.  I feel that her self-confidence is getting lower. Her Saturn Dasa started in March 2011.

      Also all 3 are alone in a family sense. My sister alone in a village, brother in rehabilitation center and myself in a single-room kind of accommodation.

      I personally feel that Lord Saturn is making us completely independent and stand up on our own and take complete responsibility of our lives. I am enjoying the transformation process! But the other 2 are under threat (according to their own definitions!)

      Any special message for us?

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