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71445RE: Harvard scientists have proof yoga, meditation work

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  • gbp_kumar
    Dec 17 8:04 AM
      a article, well if a Indian talks of it ppl like Nehru called in Obscurinist all ancient, vedic wisdom, be it Ayurvedha , yoga, pranayama, jyotishya or vedas themselves but Indira gandhi met Direndra Brahamachri  during Nehru's last yrs and she was impressed and convinced Nehru on its sue is well documented but publically they called it communal anything Hindu, during Indiraa Gandhi's break in power 1977-80 TIME MAGZINE EDITOR had interviewd her once and was early for the interview when Indira ji was in Yoga session the editor took a few pictures and later asked her if she was ok to publish it with the interview, Indira ji said yes, but later had second thoughts WHAT IF HER MUSLIM VOTERS take offense to it so tried her best to stop the issue release, but was too late the issue was under print already and had left to many countries by then.

      so this is how we treat our ancient wisdom. our knowledge resources if we import it will become sacred.\\thanks

      be it Yoga, Neam, tulasi, Basmati, turmeric, zero anything we need the west to P{atet vedas then we will start to teach it in India.

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