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Gooselake Saturday @ 12

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  • Allison Reed
    Hey Everyone! How s life? It s been nice and rainy here :). Let s plan for a hike this Saturday. Meet at Gooselake @ 12. John said he has some good ideas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
      Hey Everyone!
      How's life?  It's been nice and rainy here :).  Let's plan for a hike this Saturday.  Meet at Gooselake @ 12.  John said he has some good ideas for hikes.  Anyone else have a good one you want to do???  Hope everyone is well.  We had a good game of Frizbee going on Tuesday night.  Kris was beating up Memorial Day Man, Memorial Day Man was living up to his reputation long after Memorial Day, Max was making awesome catches (as was Britney unbelievable! ), Jillian was running all over the place, Ben was making impossible catches, Will graced us with his amazing and stunning presence, and I fumbled missed dropped and hucked the frizbee in really remote places. (it wasn't a good day for Al)...  But there is always next time where I will be a superstahhhhhh at Fribee!  Hey does anyone want to get together Friday night for a drink or twenty at Humpy's?
      See ya all soon!!! 
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