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7Update - 17th March

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  • ancestral.atlas
    Mar 17, 2009
      More changes have now been made to the Ancestral Atlas web site.
      These are:

      - Initial Page Load Speed Increase. The time taken for the web site to first load has now been reduced dramatically. Obviously, this is affected by the speed of your internet connection but the amount of data now sent has been reduced by more than 50% which means that the speed to load should now be twice as fast as before.

      - New 'deceased' tick-box. When you create a new person, you're now able to specify that the person is deceased without having to create a Death event. This means that the '120 year rule' (which prevents you from making an event that occurred within the last 120 years 'public' if there is no death event associated with that person) will not be applied if the Deceased box is ticked.

      - Minor bug fixes and wording changes.

      Upcoming Releases

      Here are a few teasers of what's to come in the next few weeks:

      Automatic FREE Subscription to view Irish Historical Maps (Subscribers only)
      In partnership with Past Homes Limited, any Ancestral Atlas subscriber will soon be able to gain 1 years free access to Past Home's online map browser showing their collection of the First Edition 6 inch scale Ordnance Survey maps of Ireland.
      These maps, originally surveyed between 1829 and 1843, cover the whole of Ireland and show individual buildings, fields and farmsteads from that period. The map browser allows you to pan and zoom across all 32 Irish counties and to order gallery quality prints or downloadable extracts in PDF format.
      The normal price of an annual subscription for this service from Past Homes is US$25.

      GEDCOM upload - a staged approach:
      Stage 1: Import All Data
      The system will soon allow you to import data associated with events, people, family relationships, notes and source citations. Initially, imported events will not be shown on the map - instead, they will be colour-coded in the Event List so that you can easily identify them and position them manually.
      You'll also be able to remove all data imported from a GEDCOM file so that you can import an updated version.

      Stage 2: Location Tool
      This will help you to locate imported events. Where multiple matches are found, you'll be allowed to choose the correct location or specify a new one.

      Historical Maps of England and Wales (Subscribers only)
      Whilst viewing data in England or Wales, subscribers will soon be able to switch the map view from the modern-day Google map to an historical (1893 - 1903) map.


      In the meantime, please let us know of any problems you may have by email to support@....

      Remember - Ancestral Atlas is still in beta but all suggestions are gratefully received - we want to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

      Yours Faithfully,

      The Ancestral Atlas Team