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25RE: [ancestral_atlas] Re: Removing Session Timout

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  • Cyndi Wiseman
    Aug 28, 2009

      24 hour sessions seem very reasonable to me. What are you protecting? This isn’t a banking site.



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      --- In ancestral_atlas@yahoogroups.com, russell_harrison <no_reply@...> wrote:

      > Is there a way to remove the session timeout on the site? It makes working
      with the site very frustrating. Even my bank doesn't log me out that quickly. At the very least allow me to stay logged in for a full day. As it stands now I can't get up and walk away to check my notes without finding myself logged out by the time I get back.
      Thanks for your suggestion.
      The automatic log out should only occur if you've been inactive on the web site for 20 minutes. It's designed to protect your work from others particularly if you've forgotten to log out.
      But we take your point and will look into relaxing the timeout period. A whole day does seem a little excessive though - does anyone have any other suggestions? Is an hour a better value or would more people prefer something else?

      Ancestral Atlas

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