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  • ancestral.atlas
    May 22, 2009
      Dear Users

      We've made a few more changes to Ancestral Atlas which we hope you'll find useful:

      Position Multiple GEDCOM Events at the Same Time
      If you've uploaded a large number of events from your GEDCOM file, you can now save a lot of time when placing them on the map.
      When you add a new location to an event that has the same GEDCOM "place" as other events you've uploaded, we will now give you the option to add them all to the same pin. So if you have 20 recorded events that took place at the same location (and you've given each event the same place name) locating just one of these events will enable you to locate them all at the same time!

      Move All Events at the Same Location at the Same Time
      The same is now done if you already have a number of events on the same map pin - just by moving one allows you to move them all in one go! This is very useful when you suddenly discover that the location of a pin is wrong (and all the events you had at that map pin need to move too).

      We're committed to making Ancestral Atlas as user-friendly as possible and we're constantly working to improve your experience.
      If you have any comments or suggestions then please don't hesitate to contact us - please do this via the Contact Us page on the web site.

      The Ancestral Atlas Team