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13Good news for your fingertips...

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  • ancestral.atlas
    May 11, 2009
      Good news for your fingertips...
      No more typing – just upload your GEDCOM data!

      Mapping and sharing your family history is now even easier with our new GEDCOM upload facility. Upload your data, confirm its location, and you're done.

      GEDCOM files can be created by your existing genealogy application and are now an excellent way of allowing you to quickly transfer your data on to Ancestral Atlas without you having to re-type the information.

      At the moment, you can only have one uploaded GEDCOM file on Ancestral Atlas at a time, but you can replace the data with information in another file if you require - the original data will be removed before the data in the second file is used.

      GEDCOM files up to 10MB in size are currently supported. Parsing the data in such huge files can take some time so when your file is uploaded it's placed in a queue, ready for processing. We will notify you by email when your file has been processed and your data is ready to use.

      Initially, once your file has been uploaded, you won't see any of your data on the map - that's because you first need to confirm the locations of the events. By selecting an event, you'll be able to see the name of the location (if one was specified) in the Event Form and then be able to create a map pin at the right location.

      It's as simple as that!

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