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Daily Bleed: 3/31 CESAR CHAVEZ

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  • David Brown, Recollection
    It is either the beginning or the end of the world, & the choice is ourselves or nothing. — Carolyn Forche from Ourselves or Nothing Web Ecstasy, over 65
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      It is either the beginning or the end
      of the world, & the choice is ourselves
      or nothing.

      — Carolyn Forche
      from "Ourselves or Nothing"

      Web Ecstasy, over 65 events:


      Organizer of migrant farm workers, "wretched of the earth."

      March comes in like a lion & goes out like a lamb.

      — John Fletcher, "A Wife for a Month"



      A bright burning flame
      A smoking smell around
      The bunsen burners on
      The science has begun
      All the flames are burning
      And everyone is learning.

      — Lia Wainwright-Powers


      1596 - René Descartes (1596-1650) lives.
      "Cogito ergo sum"

      1809 - Nikoloi Gogol lives (1809-1852), Ukraine. Great
      Russian novelist, dramatist, satirist & founder of the so-called
      critical realism in Russian literature, best known for his
      novel “ Dead Souls.”

      1836 - The first monthly part of “Posthumous Papers of the
      Pickwick Club,” Charles Dickens' first novel, is published.
      By the 15th part the printing has ballooned from 400 copies
      to 40,000.

      1840 - He's No Welfare Bum?: 10-hour workday established
      for federal public works employees.

      1871 - France: Commune of Narbonne falls.

      1914 - Octavio Paz, poet/critic/diplomat lives (1914-1998),
      Mexico City. Wrote “The Other Mexico; The Bow & the
      Lyre”. Received the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature.

      1927 - Migrant farm workers organizer, nonviolent activist
      Cesar Chavez lives, near Yuma, Arizona.

      1941 -- US: Wisconsin state trooper attacks fail to break the
      Allis-Chalmers strike in Milwaukee.

      1949 - Last great strike of the Canadian Seaman's Union.

      1964 -- Brazil: It's Official:

      The "Revolution" of Brazilian´s Army happened on April 1, 1964.

      Because this day is considered the Liars Day here in
      Brazil, a day when people make practical jokes & tell
      unbelievable lies expecting others to believe, the
      Dictatorship made March the 31 the official aniversary
      of the Coup.

      A bit interesting, maybe worth a place in the Daily Bleed.

      — Bleedster Daniel, April 2001

      1967 - Guitarist Jimi Hendrix sets his guitar ablaze on
      stage for the first time. This happened at Finsbury Park,

      1970 - US: Oakland (California) Induction Center is site of
      spring Vietnam War protests; 2500 Berkeley students turn
      in draft cards -- typical, notes historian Todd Gitlin notes,
      of protests across the US (before Cambodian protests even

      1976 -- Paul Strand, renowned American photographer, dies.

      1985 - Australia: 300,000 demonstrate
      in peace rallies countrywide.

      1999 - Second Blue Moon of the year. Celebrated by many as
      a sign of "The End Times" at the Blue Moon Tavern.

      Sorry, We're open!

      Near Seattle's fab Recollection Used Books, hang out for
      numerous Dead Beats, is Seattle's Blue Moon Tavern, whose
      simple "charm" owes a lot to historical panegyrics & little
      to the more conventional forms of tavern comfort. Dylan
      Thomas, Allen Ginsberg & Jack Kerouac are all purported
      to have sucked suds at the Blue Moon — & they are all dead.

      I'm here for the mushrooms that broadcast on
      transcendental frequencies ... [for] Monday Night Football at
      the Blue Moon Tavern, opera night at the Blue Moon Tavern
      (which incidentally, is scheduled so that it coincides with
      Monday Night Football — a somewhat challenging overlap that
      the casual patron might fail to fully appreciate); & I'm here
      for the flying saucers that made their first public
      appearance near Mount Rain-ier.

      — Tom Robbins, "I'm Here for the Weather"
      Pacific Magazine, August 28, 1994.

      2003 -- Iraq: The Bush Regime's war against the Hussein
      Regime continues.

      The "Bush Doctrine" of preemptive war, formulated by a
      small clique of White House staff "neo-conservatives" who
      have long been advocating killing Saddam & urging an
      aggressive effort bya teh US to dominate the world politically
      & economically, is the most radical revision of American
      foreign policy in over 200 years.

      Bush has flouted the Geneva Convention by
      refusing to recognize captured Taliban soldiers
      as Prisoners of War. He has sabotaged attempts
      to halt the small arms trade, & demanded
      American immunity from future prosecution for
      war crimes in the International Criminal Court.

      Bush covets the power to wage war whenever, &
      wherever he pleases, in direct defiance of
      international law.

      With military bases in more than 40 countries, the US
      has a peace-time military budget larger than that of the
      other nine leading military powers COMBINED. That
      budget is now growing astronomically with Iraqi war


      "The body is an instrument which only gives off music when
      it is used as a body. Always an orchestra, & just as music
      traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body & reaches
      up to ecstasy."

      — Anais Nin


      — Auntie Nothingness 1997-9666

      "War is the Health of the State."

      — Randolph Bourne
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