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  • Amman Filmmakers
    The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative June 22, 2009 E-NEWSLETTER 1) Correction to EUROMED Report about Cinema Caravan 2) Quality Freeware tools save the day, from
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      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative

      June 22, 2009


      1) Correction to EUROMED Report about Cinema Caravan
      2) Quality Freeware tools save the day, from freewaregenius.com
      3) Panasonic's DSLR that shoots HD with 35mm quality
      4) Royal Film Commission of Jordan to have exclusivity over government AV productions


      1) Correction to EUROMED Report about Cnema Caravan and the Cooperative

      A EUROMED reports titled "Commission Staff Working Document Accompanying The Communication From The Commission To The European Parliament And The Council - Jordan Progress" reported incorrectly that "Within the framework of regional programme Euro-Med Audiovisual II, a third edition of the Cinema Caravan was organised in August 2008. The programme provided training for members of the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative helping to establish links with the Ministry of Culture and the Royal Film Commission."

      No such training was provided or requested by the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative from Cinema Caravan. The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative has no members or membership. We have graduates of our educational program and/or beneficiaries of our production services.

      Cooperative graduates had benefited from other valuable Euromed programs such workshops by Mediterranean Films Crossing Borders and travel grants to workshops and festivals.

      EUROMED Jordan report:

      For other corrections:


      2) Quality multimedia & productivity tools save the day, from freewaregenius.com

      Without a doubt, Freewaregenius.com has become our first stop for freeware productivity tools be it office automation or multimedia or simply plain fun. The website and services are managed by founder Samer Al-Kurdi who has done an outstanding job updating his directory of useful freeware tools as well as testing them to make sure they are free of malware. Visitors will find tools such as WinCDEmu: a utility to mount disk/ISO images by double-clicking them in Windows explorer. JPEG to PDF: a tool to convert JPGs to PDFs quickly and easily. Faststone Capture: a screenshot capturing utility that can capture the entire desktop, individual windows or objects as scrolling areas offscreen. CCleaner: (Crap Cleaner) removes all sorts of unused files, temp files, cookies, log files, cached files and other files from your computer. Free Easy CD DVD Burner: Free Easy Burner is a CD/DVD burning and authoring program that supports burning data and audio CD’s and DVD’s, copying CD’s and DVD’s (by ripping and burning ISO’s), and Ripping audio CD’s into MP3’s. MediaMonkey: MediaMonkey is an advanced music manager comprising a music player, cd ripper, audio converter, ID3 Tag editor, and playlist generator. It also supports external MP3 players, including the Ipod. Photology: automagically finds images in huge image libraries. Photology scans all images and applies a number of innovative filters such as faces, color, location, time of day, exposure, etc. to find results. And much much more.

      Freeware Genius Official Website:


      3) Panasonic turns tables with LUMIX GH1, the still that shoots HD with 35mm quality

      For a while now, owners of digital still cameras had to contend with mediocre video recording. Few argued with the video limitations of still cameras on the grounds that a still camera shoots stills. A video camera shoots videos. Yet videographers drooled over the possibility of using DSLR capabilities with video recording at a DSLR budget.

      Now, Panasonic has rocked the boat with its latest DSLR the Lumix DMC-GH1. This digital camera does still photography as well as HD video, with an external mic and interchangeable lenses, overcoming many of the limitations faced by other manufacturers. Some users went as far as saying this Panasonic camera has sent high end video manufacturers such as RED back to the drawing board. Here are some of the reviews:

      "The 12.1-megapixel Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 ($1,499.95 direct with Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm/F4.0-5.8 lens) isn't just a solid D-SLR"it's also a darn good HD camcorder. In a well-lit environment, the camera can produce high-quality still images, but it can also easily and silently refocus while capturing HD video"a feat other D-SLRs have failed to master. No other camera we've seen makes shooting video this simple." -- PC MAGAZINE


      "The HD branding on the kit lens is an indication that it, too, is an important piece of the high-def video capabilities of the DMC-GH1. Specifically, the LUMIX G VARIO HD 14-140mm/F4.0-5.8 ASPH./MEGA O.I.S offers compatibility with the GH1's continuous autofocusing functionality, and features a low-noise AF motor so as to keep focusing sounds to a minimum, and not detract from the audio portion of videos captured with the GH1. Panasonic hasn't stopped at just offering continuous AF during movie recording in the Lumix GH1, either. Incredibly, the camera can use features such as Face Detection (linked to AF / AE / white balance), as well as Intelligent Exposure, Optical Image Stabilization, and even an Intelligent Scene Selector function -- all while recording videos! Panasonic's press materials also seem to suggest that still images can be captured during video recording, although it isn't clear as to whether this involves any interruption of the video, nor whether full-res still capture is possible during an ongoing video." -- IMAGINING RESOURCES



      - Sample Video shot on Panasonic LUMIX GH1

      - Panasonic Official Website and Camera spec's


      4) Royal Film Commission of Jordan to have exclusive over government AV productions

      Jordan's official newspaper Addustor reported that Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dhahabi ordered his government to channel any audiovisual production projects to the Royal Film Commission of Jordan, citing the Commission's competitive prices and expertise in the field of audiovisual production.

      ADDUSTOR: Jordanian Royal Film Commission to have exclusive over government AV productions


      Royal Film Commission of Jordan
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