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Greenhouse Israeli Film Fund Resurfaces In Jordan

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  • Amman Filmmakers
    GREENHOUSE ISRAELI FILM FUND RESURFACES IN JORDAN Feb 13, 2008 Amidst Israeli killings and occupation and ethnic cleansing, a new cultural role is being
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      Feb 13, 2008

      Amidst Israeli killings and occupation and ethnic cleansing, a new
      cultural role is being designed for Israel in the region under the
      guise of Mediterranean cultural cooperation.

      The Tel Aviv-based Greenhouse film fund has been aggressively
      recruiting misguided Arab filmmakers who are unknowingly helping
      Israel break out of its regional isolation.

      Additionally, we sincerely question the objectivity and the integrity
      of a film fund based in a country that starves Palestinians in Gaza,
      has invaded its northern neighbor, Lebanon, killing hundreds of
      innocents, destroying much of Lebanon's civilian infrastructure, and
      leaving a legacy of cluster bombs that will continue to maim and kill
      innocents for years to come.

      All the while, Israel continues to impose a system of apartheid, as
      former US president Jimmy Carter calls it, on the Palestinian people
      who have to endure a bloody Israeli military occupation with no end in

      If the objective of the Greenhouse film fund is to promote filmmaking
      in the Mediterranean region, it should be located in a neutral country
      and managed by neutral players. The fact the film fund is bases in
      Israel, a country not at peace with its neighbors, calls into question
      the effectiveness of and motives behind this film fund.

      In solidarity with Palestinian filmmakers and to support their
      cultural independence, we call on all filmmakers of conscience to
      respect the boycott.

      Exploiting the arts for political ends can only harm efforts at
      regional cultural cooperation among the people of the region.

      Read more about Greenhouse below.


      Palestinian Filmmakers Question EU Audiovisual Grant
      Date posted: March 15, 2006

      By Palestine Media Centre

      Ramallah -- Forty Palestinian filmmakers, including the 2006 Golden
      Globe winner Hani Abu Assad and 2002 Cannes Festival Jury Prize winner
      Elia Suleiman, signed a letter to the EU Euromed Audiovisual program
      questioning the shortlisting of an Israeli-led project. Despite
      serious indicators of mismanagement, and lack of legitimacy raised
      about the project, entitled Greenhouse, the Europe Aid office in
      Brussels decided to go ahead and grant it 1.5 million Euros.



      'Palestinian film' through an Israeli lens

      Jim Quilty | The Daily Star | April 25, 2006

      BEIRUT: In late 2005, Palestine's arts community learned that a
      Palestinian Authority NGO called the Ramallah Film Institute (RFI) had
      applied to participate in a documentary film development project
      called Greenhouse.

      Sponsored by EuroMed's Audiovisual II Program, Greenhouse would
      include Spanish, Czech and Turkish partners. RFI's "core partner" was
      Israel's New Foundation for Cinema and Television (NFCT). The news
      sent shockwaves through Palestine's cultural community.


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