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NEWS: Jordanian Filmmaker Rawan Zeine Wraps Up Production Of "Three Eyes."

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  • Amman Filmmakers
    Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) JORDANIAN FILMMAKER RAWAN ZEINE WRAPS UP PRODUCTION OF THREE EYES. (JORDAN - 27/2/2007) For her directorial debut, Amman
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      Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)


      (JORDAN - 27/2/2007) For her directorial debut, Amman Filmmakers
      Cooperative talent Rawan Zeine opted for a short experimental
      documentary titled "Three Eyes." Zeine, a public relations consultant
      who deals with managing perceptions on a professional level, decided
      to explore the concept of subjective reality with her first film.

      "It's about our selective perception of objects and their meaning and
      the human tendency to view the world with constantly changing mental
      filters," said the Zeine. "Sure different persons may view the
      same object differently, but the same person can find different
      meanings to the same object at different times."

      According to Zeine, even though her primary interest in this
      filmmaking experiment can be attributed to her line of work, her
      personal experience with different cultures, Eastern and Western, has
      also added to her interest in this film.

      Rawan Zeine, who lived most of her life in different regions of the
      world, said "this film is personal. It's is about what I see the first
      time I lay eyes on something, and how my impressions change with the
      changing context."

      A graduate of Emerson College, USA, with a B.A. in Marketing
      Communications & Advertising, Rawan Zeine is currently a managing
      partner of a start-up PR firm based in Amman, Jordan. While finishing
      post-production for this film, she is also writing a script for her
      upcoming short film, in close association with filmmaker Hazim Bitar.

      Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)
      Phone: +962.776.400.434
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