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Carthage Film Festival Welcomes Two Jordanian Films into Competition

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  • Amman Filmmakers
    (JORDAN - 23/10/2006) The Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia, one of the oldest and largest in the Arab world, will hold its 40th session during
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2006
      (JORDAN - 23/10/2006) The Carthage International Film Festival,
      Tunisia, one of the oldest and largest in the Arab world, will hold
      its 40th session during November 11 - 18, 2006. But this year, unlike
      the previous 39 years, Jordanian independent cinema will be present.

      The festival's artistic director Ferid Boughedir confirmed the
      selection of two Jordanian short films, produced by the Amman
      Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC), for the official festival competition:

      - Overdose by Ammar Quttaineh, AFC.
      - What a Job by Mohammad Aboujarda, Omar Saleh, and Hazim Bitar, AFC.

      What a Job is a short comedy concerning a group of young men who sign
      up for a help wanted ad that promises a great career.

      First-time filmmaker and IT manager Mohammad Aboujarad expressed
      astonishment at the news of his film selection. "Frankly, I never
      expected my first film to go this far. I knew I had to work hard and
      long to make it to a festival like Carthage, but to be selected for
      the competition is unbelievable," said Aboujarad.

      The film cast includes Aboujarad's childhood friends who also acted in
      many of his home videos: Ameen Haroon, Yazan Sabri, Imad Assal, and
      Bilal Badarneh. The lead role went to Eyad Ayyash, IT manager at
      Shoman Foundation.

      For co-director and telecom engineer Omar Saleh, the Carthage
      selection is his first competition in an Arab film festival. Saleh
      also directed Decision Man, and co-directed The Last Patch. "When we
      discussed the script, I knew we had something special, a story that
      many in our generation can identify with" remarked Saleh.

      Commenting on the choice of film script, Amman Filmmakers Cooperative
      founder and director Hazim Bitar said "there is an air of
      hopelessness, cynicism, and frustration in the younger generations of
      Jordanians. This may explain the appeal of this script to the young
      co-directors as well as the selection committee."

      Before finalizing the ending twist for the script for the film What a
      Job, the general public was asked for input. A number of suggestions
      were offered and the contributors were recognized in the film credits.

      Overdose by Ammar Quttaineh is the second film selected for the
      Carthage film festival competition. Overdose is without a doubt the
      most prestigious Jordanian short films ever produced, netting more
      international film festival selections than any other Jordanian film
      in the history of Jordanian cinema. AFC filmmaker and stock broker
      Ammar Quttaineh also co-directed festival hits such as Sharar and
      Tough Luck. Quttaineh's impressive film festival credentials include
      Academy-certified Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland;
      Biennale des cinémas arabes à Paris, France; Academy-certified Tampere
      Short Film Festival, Finland; International Panorama of Independent
      Film and Video, Greece; Warda Short Film Festival, Syria; Dubai
      International Film Festival, UAE. Festival du monde arabe de Montréal,
      Canada; Ismailia Film Festival, Egypt; Tangier Short Film Festival,
      Morocco; Emirates Film Competition, UAE; Jordan Short Film Festival;
      and now Carthage International Film Festival, Tunisia.

      The short film What a Job can be also viewed on the web:

      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative is a cultural initiative established
      in 2003 to promote independent Arab cinema. For more information
      about the AFC visit:

      Hazim Bitar, AFC Founder & Coordinator

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