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turmoil | AFC films net more academy-certified film festivals | "the order of out" new film by Jafar Safwan | JSFF

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  • Amman Filmmakers
    The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) E-NEWSLETTER | July 7, 2006 1) Turmoil in Palestine and Iraq. 2) AFC Film Sharar Goes to Locarno Int l Film Festival.
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      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)

      E-NEWSLETTER | July 7, 2006

      1) Turmoil in Palestine and Iraq.
      2) AFC Film "Sharar" Goes to Locarno Int'l Film Festival.
      3) "The Order of Out" new film by Jafar Safwan.
      4) Jordan Short Film Festival OPEN FOR FILM SUBMISSION


      1) Turmoil in Palestine and Iraq.

      At the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC), we are part and parcel of
      a region in turmoil. As Arabs and as human beings, we are terribly
      saddened by the tragedies which continue to bring pain and sorrow to
      fellow Palestinians and Iraqis. In case our views have not been made
      clear in the past, we condemn the occupation of Palestine and Iraq in
      the strongest possible terms. We pray for freedom, justice, peace, and
      prosperity in a region that has seldom enjoyed what others in the free
      world have taken for granted.

      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative



      (JORDAN - 07/07/2006) In yet another major milestone for Jordanian
      independent cinema, AFC filmmakers Saleh Kasem and Ammar Quttaineh,
      have been informed of the selection of their short fiction film
      Sharar, produced in Jordan, to compete at the 59th Locarno
      International Film Festival in Switzerland.

      The film cast is made of Karim Shiyab, Mutaz Dirani, Nour Moumani,
      Loay Quttaineh, and Tamir Omary.

      Sharar is written by filmmaker Hazim Bitar and focuses on the hardship
      of a laborer, from Jordan's industrial zone, in the era of diminishing
      opportunities. "It's hard to ignore the difficulties blue-collar
      workers are faced with in Jordan, so we felt compelled to tell
      realistic stories that not only entertain, but stories that reflect
      our concern with the status quo," said Hazim Bitar, founder and
      coordinator of the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC).

      For Syrian co-director Saleh Kasem, the film Sharar is his very first
      film after completing his filmmaking training at the Amman Filmmakers
      Cooperative. "I was concerned by the lack of transition," commented
      Kasem. "Usually, students at the AFC start with shorter more
      manageable films, but I was given a real filmmaking challenge and I am
      glad it turned out to be this way," Kasem continues.

      But for veteran Jordanian co-director Ammar Quttaineh, this
      achievement comes as a continuation of his filmmaking journey which
      started back in 2004 when the AFC produced his popular short films
      Tough Luck and Overdose.

      The Locarno film festival is an Academy-certified film festival,
      brining the number of Academy-certified film festivals to which AFC
      films have been selected to three in 2006: Tampere Film Festival,
      Huesca Film Festival, and now the Locarno film festival.

      Undoubtedly, Jordanian filmmakers are inching toward international
      recognition one film festival at a time, with filmmakers from the
      Amman Filmmakers Cooperative leading the way.

      For more information about Sharar and other AFC films:

      To more information about AFC filmmakers Kasem and Quttaineh:

      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)

      Contact: Hazim Bitar
      Phone: +962.776.400.434
      Email: AmmanFilmmakers@...



      July 4, 2006

      This is the question AFC filmmaker Jafar Safwan asked before drafting
      the script for his first short comedy film: what would happen if a
      person rebels against daily routine, even if for a few minutes?

      "There is so much structure governing our lives, so many traditions,
      rules, spoken and unspoken. Add to that the routine which controls us
      moment by moment," remarked Jafar Safwan. "My film is a WHAT-IF film.
      It's my way of experimenting with the consequences of going against the formula."

      Safwan's short film which he also edited and shot, stars filmmaker
      Omar Saleh, co-director of films The Last Patch, What a Job, and
      Decision Man.

      Safwan is senior student of Electrical Engineering at the University
      of Jordan.


      4) Jordan Short Film Festival OPEN FOR FILM SUBMISSION


      International and Arab film competition with up to 2000 Euro prize.

      Deadline for film entry: August 15, 2006.

      Featuring internationally renowned competition jury from directors
      and programmers from the Dubai Film Festival, UAE; Clermont-Ferrand
      Film Festival, France; Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran;
      and Warda Short Film Festival, Syria.

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