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AFC's 1st Jordanian Short Film Festival - April 18-19, 2005

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  • Amman Filmmakers
    The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative PRESENTS AFC s 1st Jordanian Short Film Festival at Masrah el Balad, Amman Monday, April 18, 2005 – 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
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      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative


      AFC's 1st Jordanian Short Film Festival


      Masrah el Balad, Amman

      Monday, April 18, 2005 – 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

      The show will be repeated

      Tuesday April 19, 2005 - 8:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.





      FILMMAKER: AMIN MATALQA (Qua Film Group)

      Affliction Day
      Man wakes up for work, gets in car, and turns radio on only to hear
      Michael Bolton's music. But this is no ordinary day and Bolton's song is
      no ordinary song.
      Length: 3:22 min.
      Genre: Comedy
      Language: English

      Heavy Weight
      Teacher's life makes a turnabout when he is involved in a car accident
      and is haunted by the experience.
      Length: 10:49 min.
      Genre: Horror
      Language: English

      Man meets woman of his life and takes a chance. He thinks he left a great
      impression but did he?
      Length: 5:48 min.
      Genre: Romance
      Language: English

      Last Call
      This is the call that everyone dreads, a call to end all calls. Three
      friends deal with the trauma of knowing the end could be near.
      Length: 6:53 min.
      Genre: Horror
      Language: English

      My First
      How will an encounter with murder change your life?
      Length: 3:22 min.
      Genre: Horror
      Language: English

      My First - The making of
      The filmmaker demonstrates the use of a storyboard to shoot his film.
      Length: 2:54 min.
      Genre: Documentary/Educational
      Language: English

      FILMMAKER: LAITH MAJALI (Camel Crossing Film Group)

      London Protests
      A high-powered music video. You have never seen coverage of anti-war
      protests done in this manner before.
      Length: 3:31 min.
      Genre: Music video
      Language: Visual

      Run to Work
      A frenzied rush to go to work. But can JD make it on time.
      Length: 2.00 min.
      Genre: Drama
      Language: Visual


      Decision Man
      The choices are obvious but the decision is hard to make. Having to
      consider the myriad consequences of his decision, Adel debates, with
      his inner selvs, the pros and cons of each choice only to find out that
      things no longer boil down to good and bad; black or white. Instead,
      Adel is confronted with a third force he must reckon with.
      Genre: Comedy/Experimental
      Length: 5 min.
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Cast: Omar Saleh


      The news is so negative and it only goes from bad to worse. Newspaper
      reporter Oraib finds herself subject to mounting pressures to tone
      down her headlines. But the avalanche of tragic events she must report
      simply does not lend itself to euphemisms. Faced with tough career
      decisions, she seeks advice in the most unlikely of places, to help
      her find the truth. But in the age of globalization, even the truth
      comes in various colors and sizes, with parts made locally and others
      Genre: Dark Comedy/Experimental
      Length: 14 min.
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Cast: Majd Hajjawi, Omar Saleh, Sameh Hajjawi, Ammar Omary, Yahya
      Abdallah, Rabee Zuraikat, Rawan Zeine, Steve Ali, Hunien Madi, Mohamad


      Alert Guns (Ismailyah Film Festival '04, Beirut DC Film Festival '04,
      Emirates Film Competition '05)
      Salim dons his combat fatigues, slips into his black leather boots,
      and bids his young wife a farewell. There is tension in the air as the
      small radio blurts out military music. There is a battle of a
      different kind to be fought and Salim is determined to win it.
      Director: Aseel Mansour.
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Cast: Dalia Alkury, Omar Hadidi, Khaled Abuneima, Haitham Abbadi.
      Production team: Suhad Khatib, Dalia Alkury, Haitham Abbadi.
      Length: 11 min.
      Genre: Drama.

      Tough Luck (Dubai Int'l Film Festival '04, Mideast Film Festival '04,
      Beirut DC Film Festival '04, Emirates Film Competition '05)
      Taxi driver in Dubai recalls a personal encounter with a negative
      passenger. But for how long can the cabby put up with the attitude?
      Genre: Comedy.
      Director: Ammar Quttaineh
      Language: English
      Length:5 min.

      Gentle Grandmother (Jarash Festival '04)
      A surreal short drama which explores the complex effects of
      well-intentioned but coercive child-rearing practices suffered by
      little Mohannad and the harmful, long-term consequences of such
      Genre: Drama
      Director: Yahya Abdallah
      Language: Arabic w/French subtitles ( w/English subtitles on DVD)
      Length: 9 min.

      Both formally engaged and both are madly in love with filmmaking. Mais
      and Hussam, who were influenced by best-selling book "Men are from
      Mars, Women are from Venus," have decided to make their first short
      drama focused on the issue of male-female miscommunication.
      Genre: Drama
      Directors: Mais & Hussam Hamarneh
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Duration: 5 min.

      3 Ghettos 1 Wall
      Israel, with US backing, resuscitates some of the most abhorrent
      symbols of racial exclusion, long abandoned by true liberal
      democracies. And for the Arabs of Palestine, their entrance into the
      21st century is now cemented with gigantic concrete walls and
      Jewish-made ghettos to lock Arabs in, break up families, and destroy
      livelihoods. The filmmaker creatively delves into the disturbing
      statistics and the socioeconomic consequences to Israel's racist wall,
      with the backdrop of anti-apartheid demonstrations in Amman.
      Genre: Documentary.
      Director: Suhad Khatib
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Length: 12 min.

      Made in China (Emirates Film Competition '05; Ecofilm Festival '05)
      Amidst technological advancements and the replacement of the human
      touch in most tools used today for convenience, the filmmaker
      meditates on her ability to touch by engrossing herself in the 5th
      Genre: Video art.
      Director: Dalia Alkury
      Sound: Ammar Fakhoury
      Length: 3 min.

      Reason (Emirates Film Competition '04)
      Psychotic graphic designer goes off the edge.
      Director: Amr Toukhy
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Length: 1:30 min.
      Genre: Comedy.

      Death by Chocolate (Emirates Film Competition '05)
      The script was collectively developed, filmed, and edited in one day
      by the AFC Class of May '04. The mockumentary pokes fun at chocolate
      lovers. The film promotes rehabilitation services for chocolate
      addicts in Amman, and exposes the darker side of chocolate addiction
      and rehabilitation.
      Genre: Mockumentary
      Director: AFC Class of May '04 (Seren Ahmad, Salwa Shaksheir, Abir
      Zahdih, Sameh Hajjawi, Maise Hamarneh, Hussam Hamarneh, Marian
      Sahouri, and Yaman Jundi.)
      Language: Arabic w/English subtitles
      Duration: 5 min.

      Nightmares of Reality (DocuDays Film Festival '04, Emirates Film
      Competition '05)
      Film captures the flurry of grassroots activities in the days prior to
      the US-UK lead war on Iraq from the point of view of a group of
      friends living in Amman. It portrays the mindset of a number of
      different people with different backgrounds. 2003.
      Length: 5:30 min.
      Directors: Aseel Mansour, Razan Khatib
      Genre: Documentary.


      For updates:
      To stay up to date on the schedule, films, and special events, visit

      See map http://ammanfilmmakers.alif.com/images/masrah-map.jpg

      About the AFC:
      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) is a not-for-profit cultural
      initiative and talent incubator that aims to promote and encourage
      independent filmmaking through training, experimentation, and
      networking. To learn more, visit:

      AFC contact:
      Hazim Bitar
      Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)
      PO Box 2174
      Amman 11821, JORDAN.

      Mobile: +96279 5308232
      Time Zone: GMT+2
      Email: AmmanFilmmakers@...
      Web: http://AmmanFilmmakers.Alif.com

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