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Aseel Mansour Wins AFC's Best Filmmaker Award for 2004

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    The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) ASEEL MANSOUR WINS AFC`S BEST FILMMAKER AWARD FOR 2004 AMMAN, October 14, 2004 - The five members of the selection
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      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)


      AMMAN, October 14, 2004 - The five members of the selection committee
      have delivered their verdict, and the winner of AFC's Best Filmmaker
      Award of 2004 is Aseel Mansour, who impressed the judges with his
      short film Alert Guns. The runner up is Ammar Quttaineh, who came
      second with his entertaining comedy film Tough Luck.

      The selection panel consisted of Maha Khatib, Executive Director of
      The Jordan River Foundation; Adnan Madanat, Director of Shouman
      Foundation's Cinema Department; David Hivet, the French Regional
      Audiovisual Attaché; Najeh Hasan, Al-Rai newspaper film critic;
      Bitar, founder & coordinator of the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative

      Alert Guns tells the story of a young soldier bidding his wife a
      farewell as he gears up for battle. This suspenseful short ends
      unexpectedly with the death of the young soldier followed by the
      revelation that it was all an act in a movie scene, when the director
      of the film shouts "CUT."

      Ten films were submitted to the selection committee. Each film was
      scored on a scale from 1 to 10, with the winning filmmaker receiving
      the top score by the majority of judges.

      Films produced in 2004 but were not ready to be included in the
      competition will participate in AFC's competition for 2005.

      "We needed to established credibility first before moving ahead with a
      competition," said Hazim Bitar, AFC founder and coordinator. "Now that
      we have earned it with our film festival credentials, we are ready to

      AFC has graduated first-time filmmakers in its first year whose films
      have been officially selected in over five regional film festivals,
      and the count continues.

      "We now have friends in all the major independent cinema centers in
      the Arab World who have helped us throughout our founding year with
      their advice and guidance," Bitar added.

      Aseel's filmography includes Nightmares of Reality (2003) and Alert
      Guns (2004). Born in Baghdad on October 23, 1977, Aseel is Jordanian
      of Palestinian extraction. He earned his BSc in Electrical Engineering
      from The University of Jordan and currently works as an IT Consultant
      for Microsoft in Dubai. Both his films have been officially selected
      in a number of film festivals such as Beirut International Documentary
      Festival (DocuDays), Beirut DC Film Festival, and Ismailiyah Film

      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) is a not-for-profit cultural
      initiative and talent incubator, aiming at promoting and encouraging
      independent filmmaking through training, experimentation, and

      For more information about Aseel Mansour and other AFC filmmakers
      http://AmmanFilmmakers.alif.com /student-films.htm

      For information about the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative visit:

      Email: AmmanFilmmakers@...
      Phone: from Jordan: 079.530.8232 / from outside Jordan:
      Mail: PO Box 2174, Amman 11821, JORDAN

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