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AFC to pilot Used Equipment Market | Article: Karaoke's offspring, Movieoke, takes off | Cooperative news

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  • Amman Filmmakers
    The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) February 14, 2004 Message index: 1) AFC kicks off pilot for Cooperative Used Equipment Market. 2) Karaoke s Cinematic
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2004
      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC)

      February 14, 2004

      Message index:

      1) AFC kicks off pilot for Cooperative Used Equipment Market.
      2) Karaoke's Cinematic Offspring, Movieoke, Hits New York.
      3) What are Cooperative filmmakers' up to?


      1) AFC kicks off pilot for Cooperative Used Equipment Market.

      The Amman Filmmakers Cooperative (AFC) launched today the pilot of their
      web-based Filmmakers Trading Market, a free service to help Cooperative
      filmmakers sell or buy used video or audio equipment.

      To take a stroll through the market, visit

      Currently, seven items are posted for sale such as a Sony DCR-TRV250E
      Digital8 video camera and a TEAC Tascam 644 MidiStudio mixer/recorder

      We are looking for any 8mm or 16mm film cameras or projectors, regardless of
      working condition.

      To sell your used video or audio equipment, send us your name, phone, email,
      model, condition, note about any defects, price, and any helpful info to
      AmmanFilmmakers@.... No middlepersons of third parties please.

      While it's the buyer's responsibility to ensure the equipment is tested
      before buying via the Market, we hold the seller ultimately responsible for
      any misrepresentation of the advertised equipment. If it becomes clear the
      seller may have deliberately, or even accidentally, misrepresented the
      working condition of the advertised equipment, the Cooperative will exclude
      the seller from any future Cooperative activities or benefits, unless the
      buyer is compensated fairly for any losses or a full refund is issued by the

      The Cooperative offers the "FILMMAKERS TRADING MARKET" service on an as-is
      basis and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information posted
      except when the equipment is the property of the Coordinator of the

      The Cooperative receives no commission, directly or indirectly, as the
      result of the sale of any equipment on the Market.

      The Market is open to sellers who are residents of Jordan only, for
      practical purposes.


      2) Karaoke's Cinematic Offspring, Movieoke, Hits New York

      By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa

      NEW YORK (Reuters) - Frustrated actors have a new outlet for their creative
      urges that until now was only available to their singing cousins --
      Movieoke, Karaoke's cinematic sibling.

      The brainchild of film-fanatic Anastasia Fite, Movieoke is just what it
      sounds like: a chance for those brave enough to take over from Robert De
      Niro (news) in his "You talkin' to me?" monologue in "Taxi Driver," or to
      strut their stuff alongside Ben Stiller (news) in "Zoolander."

      The weekly affair takes place in the Den of Cin, a basement space below an
      East Village pizza parlor and video store that offers a huge selection of
      films to act along with.

      Guests select a specific scene from a movie that is then projected onto a
      big screen, while a monitor in front of them shows the scene along with
      subtitled dialogue.

      The result is either a skillful rendering of the original lines or, more
      often than not, some sort of goof up that draws laughter from the audience.

      So far, the Movieoke night has mostly drawn mid-20s movie buffs eager to
      relive scenes from their childhood favorites such as '80s classics
      "Breakfast Club" and "Heathers."

      But you don't have to be a connoisseur, or in your 20s, to love Movieoke,
      though having a few beers upon arrival might help loosen things up.

      "As long as you're not afraid to make a fool of yourself, it becomes a
      really communal experience," said Fite, who invented Movieoke last October
      and gives patrons their first beer free.

      Not surprisingly given her passion for films, the Movieoke queen hails from
      Los Angeles. An energetic participant herself, Fite says she got the idea
      after making a short film about a girl who talked only in movie dialogue.

      Matt Dujnic, a regular who played several roles throughout the evening, was
      clearly enthralled by the whole thing.

      "It appeals to the aspiring never-to-be an actor in me," said Dujnic.

      A small, but enthusiastic crowd attended Wednesday's session. First-timer
      Jon Ratner seemed completely at ease as he played pretty much every
      character in a scene from Eddie Murphy (news)'s "Coming to America."

      "I've seen that movie more than I've seen myself in the mirror," he joked.



      3) What are Cooperative filmmakers' up to?

      You can now keep track of Cooperative filmmakers' news by visiting

      Bashar Sharaf & Laith Majali:
      Feb 4, 2004 - Congratulation to Bashar Sharaf and Laith Majali for
      completing post-production on Bashar's reality TV documentary titled "#290"
      which focuses on the dreams and disappointments of a Jordanian Super Star
      wannabe. Bashar tailed the Super Star hopeful from the moment she attended
      her fist audition until the moment of truth. Equally important to the
      completion of the film is the story of the numerous obstacles Bashar had to
      overcome during the production of "#290," starting with a malfunction in his
      video camera, breakdown in his editing software, disappearing film talents,
      meltdown in the power supply of his PC, and a race against time, as Laith
      Majali's return trip to his college in the USA was scheduled the morning
      after the last day of editing. But Bashar decided the show must go on until
      the film is completed.

      Sima Zuraikat:
      Feb 1, 2004 - Quite the globetrotter these days, Sima is traveling from
      North America to Africa. Armed with her new 3CCD Panasonic GS950 video
      camera, she is our Ammani filmmaker at large. She promises to bring home
      some fascinating video rushes to produce at the Cooperative.

      Aseel Mansour:
      Feb 7, 2004 - Aseel has started the production of his latest film and
      estimates the production schedule to stretch for four weeks. In his film
      "Just another day," Aseel Mansour seeks to find answers to questions that
      haunt most of us such as the meaning of life and the fulfillment of our

      Suhad Khatib:
      Feb 5, 2004 - Suhad has completed the first draft of the screenplay and shooting script of her upcoming short film titled "Bait ou Shajar." Her film explores the innermost feelings of a child living in the midst of domestic turbulence. Suhad is also working on a long-term project on the subject of Israel's racist wall. She was seen filming at Darat Al Fonoun during an seminar by human rights activist Mary Nazzal (www.stopthewall.org).

      Razan Khatib:
      Feb 1, 2004 - She is currently in pre-production stage, researching for her
      upcoming documentary on the life of the late Jordanian humanitarian activist
      Ayda Dabbas. Ayda, who passed away November 1, 2003 at the age of 39, after
      a fight with cancer, was considered a force for good, driven solely by her
      desire to make the world a better place by thinking globally and acting
      locally. In a world full of minions, Ayda stood high and tall. Razan Khatib,
      with the help of Cooperative filmmakers and friends of Ayda, will produce
      this documentary as a tribute to the rich and generous life of an Arab hero.

      Ammar Quttaineh:
      Feb 1, 2004 - When new Cooperative filmmaker Ammar Quttaineh said he could
      make a compelling one-minute film from a scripted story, an interesting
      twist, and music track in less than 24 hours we were a bit skeptical,
      considering this is Ammar's first film ever and keeping in mind he never
      enjoyed the benefit of any hands-on workshops. Ammar made his dare after
      receiving informal training from the Cooperative on filmmaking and
      scriptwriting. It seems we have discovered yet another Ammani filmmaking
      talent. To see Ammar's film on the web, click or download:

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