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Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data Please disregard. This email thread was from last year and resolved. Don't know why my message was repeated today. Thanks Dave ... From: "David Fitch"
David Fitch
Feb 17, 2011
Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data Good Morning Guys, ^DJI is still not available in "current" mode as you noted some time ago. But the Russell indexes are, ^RUA,^RUI,^RUT . Is this an
David Fitch
Feb 17, 2011
AmiQuote SPY and FIBIX quotes adjusted for dividents. Does anybody know how to set AmiQuote to load the Adjusted Closing Data, as opposed to the straight closing data? Yahoo offers both.
Feb 17, 2011
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Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data After a few days RUT, RUI and RUA did not update until after midnight when the historical download added it. Current does not update it. Barry
Oct 8, 2010
Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data I saw that a few days ago but that does not explain why RUT, RUI and RUA did not update yesterday until after midnight when the historical download added it.
Oct 6, 2010
Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data Hello, YAHOO Finance stopped delivering quotes for ^DJI in the "current" mode. The change is probably caused by changing distribution rules by Dow Jones
Tomasz Janeczko
Oct 6, 2010
Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data The only solution I have found is to wait until after midnight and download the data using historical data feed for the last few days. Have you found anything
Oct 6, 2010
Re: Yahoo not providing current day's data Yes. I have been having that problem for a few weeks now :-( ... From: amiquote@yahoogroups.com [mailto:amiquote@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Barry Sent:
wendy richards
Oct 5, 2010
Yahoo not providing current day's data I noticed that Yahoo is not providing the current day's data for some indices and stocks. I noticed this first with ^DJI then ^RUT. But it seems all the
Oct 5, 2010
Re: Fundamental Data Hello, Thank you for attempting to correct AmiQuote with 2.13 ....I see there are still problems in properly retrieving data from Yahoo....apparently the
Sep 19, 2010
Re: Fundamental Data Hello, You need to upgrade to AmiQuote 2.13 Best regards, Tomasz Janeczko amibroker.com
Tomasz Janeczko
Sep 18, 2010
Re: Symbol for indexes in google ... When using AmiQuote to retrieve Yahoo indexes, you need the "^" in front of the Yahoo index. Here are a few Yahoo indexes that you can retrieve from
Sep 18, 2010
Fundamental Data With the new AmiQuote 2.12 .... I'm having problems getting current dividend info. There is either something like volume being retrieved, or the vast majority
Sep 18, 2010
Symbol for indexes in google Does anybody know what symbols Google uses for indexes? I tried .dji that works on google finance but got nothing on Amiquote. Thanks, Erkan
Nov 10, 2009
Up-to-date ticker symbols Does anyone know of an up-to-date list of ticker symbols. I did a database cleanup, which got rid of a lot of the symbols, but I know I am missing some of the
Lee Coisman
Jun 22, 2008
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Incidental problem with Basic fundamentals In case of certain tickers AmiQuote seems unable to pull the (Basic) fundamentals in. For example here is my download file for two tickers HTM and CPST:
Apr 25, 2008
AmiQuote 2.00 released Hello, http://www.amibroker.com/devlog/2008/04/23/amiquote-200-released/ A new version of AmiQuote 2.00 has been released. Download link:
Tomasz Janeczko
Apr 23, 2008
Re: Livecharts & AmiQuote - alternatives? Hello, In theory "eSignal EOD" service should be enough to download intraday data after market close. According to eSignal sales rep, EOD service has
Tomasz Janeczko
Apr 22, 2008
Re: Livecharts & AmiQuote - working again! My scheduled downloads using LiveCharts began working again as of last night. I had cancelled yesterday as well but it doesn't take effect for a few weeks
Apr 22, 2008
Re: Livecharts & AmiQuote - alternatives? thank you for your reply tomasz. i cancelled my livechart subscription today. so, may i ask a question to all you fellow amiquote/livecharts user out there:
dirk schreiber
Apr 22, 2008
Re: Livecharts & AmiQuote. Well with this development, qcharts-esignal has finally outlived its usefullness for me, after all these years. I was just hanging on because of the intraday
Apr 21, 2008
Re: Livecharts & AmiQuote. Hello, There is nothing I can do because quote.com specifically BLOCKED delivering data. They don't want *ANY* 3rd party to download their data. Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko
Apr 21, 2008
Re: Livecharts & AmiQuote. hello tomasz, thank you for your answer. i did not check again on this topic until today, because quote.com kept working until last friday, 18.05. now i know
dirk schreiber
Apr 21, 2008
Livecharts & AmiQuote. Hello, Today we received the following information from eSignal: " The new version of LiveCharts uses a different method of exporting data and it will no
Tomasz Janeczko
Apr 3, 2008
Re: problems with quote.com ok, this morning it is working again, probably a problem with their servers ...
dirk schreiber
Feb 14, 2008
problems with quote.com tonight my quote.com setup stopped working - "The server name or address could not be resolved" i am a paying LiveCharts subscriber and i have been using AQ /
dirk schreiber
Feb 13, 2008
Re: AQ download problem Hello, 1. Always FIRST running instance is updated. Second instance is not. 2. Data are downloaded and update is on per-symbol basis as soon as single symbol
Tomasz Janeczko
Jan 23, 2008
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AQ download problem I had some kind of problem starting AB. Two instances started, one was the intraday default version and one used an incorrect default database with nothing
Barry Scarborough
Dec 7, 2007
Re: AQ not downloading some daily quotes from yahoo "Love my Amibroker." You said a mouthful there, Rik. Me too!!! ................................................... "Practical Stock Trading for Profits"
e seward
Apr 29, 2007
Re: AQ not downloading some daily quotes from yahoo I bet you are right. I'll try to remember that next time. Anyway, for now I am Ok again on both desk and laptop. Love my Amibroker. Thnaks Rik Rasmussen ... --
Henrik Rasmussen
Apr 28, 2007
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