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Quotes Plus Mutual Fund - Adusted for Distributions Hello: I'm looking for some help or direction in my work and hoping to find someone who's got experience in this. I'm at the point of pulling the plug on
Aug 9, 2010
Re: Better way to access Yahoo Groups Forget it. Grouply wants my ID and password. Joe
Aug 9, 2010
Update-Interactive Brokers TWS plugin version 1.8.0 Thank you for viewing my last email,   A person by the name of Jerry Gress has emailed me about setting up a new database/data source, which answers most of
Bill Halliday
Oct 19, 2008
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Interactive Brokers TWS plugin version 1.8.0 The link to this software is in the DevLog.   I downloaded it and wish to use it. There isn't much documentation on using it. It may only be for making trades
Bill Halliday
Oct 19, 2008
Better way to access Yahoo Groups Hi everyone, Since we all use Yahoo Groups to receive messages from this group, I thought I would let you know about a free service I found called Grouply. It
Sujarat Halim
Mar 30, 2008
Re: Automated Trading Systems Survey I think you'll get a better response on the AmiBroker-at list, there are over 1000 traders there that are looking at AT.
Jan 28, 2008
Automated Trading Systems Survey Automated Trading Systems Survey A survey on automatic or robot trading will be open until 2/28/2008. There is great variation in the sophistication,
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Jan 28, 2008
Re: Pristine Trading / Velez http://www.egroups.com/messages/amibroker/ Best regards, Tomasz Janeczko amibroker.com ... From: "G. Fredrick Nowatzke" To:
Tomasz Janeczko
Jan 21, 2008
Profitability What kind of profitability are people getting with AmiBroker? By this I mean what kind of increase in total acccount are people getting? For example if ones'
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Jan 17, 2008
Re: Pristine Trading / Velez What;s the URL of the mian list? ... no ... systems ... share? ... material is ... of ... from ... I'm ... and ... a ... road ... portfolio ... automation. ...
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Jan 17, 2008
Re: Pristine Trading / Velez I am afraid everybody is on the main amibroker list. Best regards, Tomasz Janeczko amibroker.com ... From: "Sidney Kaiser" To:
Tomasz Janeczko
Jan 16, 2008
Re: 20.20 bars Sid -- I think the problem is that very few monitor this particular forum, amibroker-ts, on a regular basis. My guess is that they are sticking to the
Keith McCombs
Jan 10, 2008
20.20 bars Well, the response has been absolutely zero interest so I see no reason to bother the list with the first of the completed systems. I guess everyone has found
Jan 10, 2008
20/20 bars Here is some preliminary code I'm using to identify 20/20 wide range bars. Apply the indicator as an overlay to label bars, run the exploration for one day a
Sidney Kaiser
Dec 29, 2007
Pristine Trading / Velez This list has been so quiet for the last year that I almost think no one is trading with AB, LOL. Question for the group. Does anyone have any indicators or
Sidney Kaiser
Dec 27, 2007
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Automatic Trading Systems Forum A new discussion group - Automatic Trading Systems Forum http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/ATS-Forum2/ A discussion forum for developers and traders
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Nov 7, 2007
Consumer Reports for trading system development? I'm trying to see if there is any interest in applying scientific method to trading systems development by comparing predictive software and architectures in a
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Oct 2, 2007
Unsupervised clustering as an alternative to traditional chart patt Topic: Unsupervised clustering as an alternative to traditional chart patterns Has anyone had any experience they care to share on using unsupervised
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Sep 12, 2007
Re: Quant Funds and advanced math Hi Dave. Well if that's what Bollinger has said than he's a good 'contrarian' because the same John Bollinger on the backside of David Aronson's 'Evidence
Ton Sieverding
Aug 23, 2007
Re: Quant Funds and advanced math Dave, I fully agree and even further I've seen clues over the years that there is a fairly sophisticated effort to discredit automated knowledge discovery and
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Aug 22, 2007
Re: Quant Funds and advanced math As John Bollinger has said in past, its good to know that quants are in the minority and have no predictive ability, otherwise more folks would be doing it and
David Fitch
Aug 22, 2007
Quant Funds and advanced math There is a non-math book "My Life As A Quant" I got the feeling that using quants enable the finance houses and brokers to squeeze more money out of everyone
Lionel Issen
Aug 22, 2007
Quant Funds and advanced math Anyone see the beating given to Quants and predictive systems trading in general in todays Post? The rest of the article goes on to talk about some perdictive
G. Fredrick Nowatzke
Aug 21, 2007
How to trigger the alerts again from AA? Hello, I have recoded the Alertif output text with formatting for forex decimalpoints etc. When i run the scan for the past two days, i see the results in the
Aug 18, 2007
Re: setting up scans for 7 bells described by Alan Farley You can try to get the Tradestation code that is sold by Farley. hardrightedge.com The I am sure the experts over here will translate to amibroker. ANyway NR7
Aug 16, 2007
Automated WFO Hello system trader experts, Can you share some info on what you use for automated WFO? Have you used the registered version of Fred's IO for the same? Has
Aug 16, 2007
Calendar / Photos / Links disabled on amibroker-ts, Re: [amibroker- Yes I have disabled calendar feature already to avoid abusing these features to send spam. Best regards, Tomasz Janeczko amibroker.com ... From: "Prashanth"
Tomasz Janeczko
Aug 9, 2007
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Re: Initialize Variables Stefan -- Sorry to take so long to respond. Your primary problem was that you had an array, Virtualaccount, on both the left and right side of an "=" sign.
Keith McCombs
Aug 8, 2007
setting up scans for 7 bells described by Alan Farley Hi All, I am a new member to this group and also fairly new to AmiBroker. I was reading a book by Alan Farley "The Master Swing Trader" in which he described 7
mandar joshi
Aug 8, 2007
Re: Initialize Variables Sorry Keith, I´m a newbie. Here is the code and the problem is: the virtual account, is calculated at the selling bar but at the next bar it is always reset
Aug 2, 2007
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