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AmeriCorps Online Payment Center Now Active

Hello All, AmeriCorps Online Payment Center is now active. It requires a person to register, even if they are registered at other parts of the AmeriCorps
Aug 28, 2006

Gulf region service trip

Hello everyone! We finally (within the last 10 minutes) have a positive answer to our travel issues. We have the use of a 15 passenger van. Now from you I need
LaVeta Noble
May 25, 2006

AmeriCorps Alum Event

Long time no see! Hope everything is going well for you. AmeriCorps programs are holding a fun service day this coming Saturday. Only two hours of service at
Mar 28, 2006

Re: National AmeriCorps Alumni Web-page

Thanks for the info, Aziza. Joan Sherwood p.s. Did I spell your name correctly? No need to respond unless it's spelled incorrectly.
Feb 23, 2006

National AmeriCorps Alumni Web-page

Hello! While we need to keep our Yahoo group... because it's FREE... the national AmeriCorps Alumni organization also has a place for us with their own set-up.
Feb 22, 2006

Re: GoZones!

Yes, End Zone will be taking place tonight. Please be there by 5:30. Thanks. Take care, Aziza ________________________________ From:
Aziza Hasan
Jan 13, 2006

Re: GoZones!

Yes, EndZone will be going on tonight. They ask volunteers to be there at 5:30. Thanks for asking. Hope you have a great night! Aziza ... volunteer but dont
Jan 13, 2006


Do you know if EndZone is going on tonight. I would like to volunteer but dont know if it is going on or not. I am not getting ahold of LaVeta. Thanks! Terra
Jan 13, 2006

Next Meeting for AmeriCorps Alum: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hello! Hope life is treating you well. If you are available, please come have lunch and volunteer with several other community members on Martin Luther King
Jan 13, 2006

Re: Digest Number 1

anyday is fine LaVeta americorpsalumks@yahoogroups.com wrote: There are 2 messages in this issue. Topics in this digest: 1. Re: Digest Number 0 From: Dina
LaVeta Noble
May 22, 2005

Re: Digest Number 0

i am n the same boat with dina... any day will work 4 me Dina Aldaoud wrote:Hello fellow AC Alum, Personally, anyday would work for me
Marlena Atakpa
May 18, 2005

Re: Digest Number 0

Hello fellow AC Alum, Personally, anyday would work for me except Wedensdays. Thanks americorpsalumks@yahoogroups.com wrote: There is 1 message in this issue.
Dina Aldaoud
May 18, 2005

Our Meeting

Hello Everyone! Several people have told me they can't make it tonight. So if its alright with everyone... lets cancel tonight's get together and reschedule.
May 17, 2005
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