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Re: [americancomm] Re: ACA Committees Possible?

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  • Myrene Magabo
    Hi. Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. I am glad you have also given me the chance to be part of the board up to now. I did not really contribute
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2006
      Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. I am glad you have also given me the chance to be part of the board up to now. I did not really contribute anything in the past term.
      And, no problem at all about the response. I always understand how we all can be tied to major things in life. There's no really no need for apologies.
      I would rather co-chair the Committee with the person(s) who has (have) been responsible of putting up our on-line membership system.   
      As to starting our Committee tasks, my idea is for us to have a review of our existing membership procedures and see how our Committee on Membership could improve our membership recuitment process and retention--as well as-- I believe, encouraging active participation in terms of input/contribution to our various Committees. Our initial membership survey form should in a way orient members of the nature of the organization.
      And, I believe, the Committee on Membership must also work closely with the Committee on Education and Training (i.e., member orientation, member's desired training certifications, etc.).
      If other Committees are already in the process of creation, I also would be happy to be member of any one of those Committees. Is a Planning Committee being considered? I like to be involved in strategic planning and organizational development programs.
      I really look forward to seeing our organization grow-- with more output in communication research, publication and hopefully, if the vision would be in conformity, one that can provide continuing education and training to members.
      I hope we can solicit more participation to the Membership Committee and I look forward to get communication and coordination from those responsible in putting up our membership system.
      Thanks for the positive response to the idea, Dr. Rosenthal.
      I am hoping that as soon as various Committees are created and formed, more ACA members will have renewed energy and interest in re-strengthening our growth and existence.

      Ann Rosenthal <dr.ann.rosenthal@...> wrote:
      Sorry for my slow response. As you now know by now, I''ve been out of the country. I like your idea. Would you like to chair a committee on membership? If so, I hereby appoint you Chair, Membership Committee. The other areas are already in the process of being created!
      I'm so glad you've become a member of the board.
      Ann Rosenthal, Ph.D.
      President, ACA

      On 10/25/06, Myrene Magabo <magus_898@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Dear Dr. Ann Rosenthal and All:
      How do you think will our productivity be if we have Committees (such as on: Membership, Education and Training; Research and Publication) ?
      The Committee on Membership accepts members info or personal data and official confirms an individual's membership to ACA. The Committee may also be in-charged of membership recruitment and retention. The members of the Committee on Membership shall provide orientation to new members as to the nature of our organization and how we function as an organization. Perhaps, this way, we can eliminate the so-called unwanted messages. Membership application shall first pass through the Committee and the Committee screens and provide orientation to applicant(s) or prospective members. Application process may include a survey of applicant's field of interests, applicants willingness to abide by the organizations rules, etc.  
      By having a Committee on Research and Publication, we have a body responsible for encouraging research undertakings and/or gathering solicitations of research output in communication. The committee then shall have all scholarly research output into our publication.
      The Committee on Education and Training could be responsible in putting together useful communication education materials. With this, our organization would then be able to enhance the professional knowledge and understanding of our members. Perhaps, it will not be hard for us to solicit educational/ training materials from our officers and members. If we can later on afford to, we may have on-line certification training for members. This way, we provide our organizational members with an added value ( i.e., professional/ career enhancement) . Many individuals seek membership to organizations for career growth and advancement as well as to be identified of an organization that they can take pride of.
      I am not sure if the Committe on Education and Training should also be in-charged of conferences. A separate Committee for Conferences may also be created, depending on what majority of us would think so.
      If Committees are created strategically, we might be able to strengthen our bonds and enhance our "productivity" as an organization.
      I have been thinking about the geographical activity we had before when geographical locations of members were plotted. Should we have records such as that-- we might be able to have groups that can work closely together within their geographical locations. Or, we can still work on groups based on our expertise, interests, and resources.
      Just thinking aloud. Would having Committees possible?
      I'd appreciate your thoughts.

      Ann Rosenthal <dr.ann.rosenthal@ gmail.com> wrote:
      Hi all,
      Myrene, you ARE on the board. Please send your information to dgaron@dwcnetwork. com so you can  be included on the web information.

      On 10/24/06, Cooper, Stephen D <coopers@marshall. edu > wrote:
      Hi, Myrene—
      I've copied Ann Rosenthal, our president, and Dan Garon, our webmaster.
      You've been subscribed to the ACA BoD list since we last emailed, several weeks ago, so I hope you're getting messages from the Board list!  If not, please let me know; I'm the guy who manages the email list for ACA.
      I think you mean that you're not listed on the web page, at http://www.american comm.org/ bod.php.  Dan can fix that.
      Stephen D. Cooper, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor, Communication Studies
      Marshall University

      From: Myrene Magabo [mailto: magus_898@yahoo. com]
      Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 5:01 PM
      To: Cooper, Stephen D
      Subject: Re: ACA BoD
      Hi, Stephen--
      I am definitely not being listed among ACA BoD. Kindly clarify if I took this message from you wrongly-- in that case, I'd make corrections on my CV indicating that I am member of the ACA BoD.
      I will appreciate your immediate response that will clarify my present membership status in the ACA BoD.  I have attached my CV in case needed for my current membership.
      If I remain member of the ACA BoD, I intend to propagate the organization by inviting membership, participation and publication from contacts in colleges and universities; and, work on organizing/coordina ting possible communication conferences in my region of origin (ASIA). I have also proposed working with Lori Widmer on organizing/coordina ting groups within our area(s) in Pennsylvania.
      I hope to hear from you soon.

      "Cooper, Stephen D" < coopers@marshall. edu> wrote:
      Hi, Myrene—
      As best we can figure out, your name was accidentally left off the list of people continuing on the ACA Board of Directors for next year.  There was no intent to omit you, deliberately.
      You'll receive the resubscribe email confirmation from the mail server.
      Stephen D. Cooper, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor, Communication Studies
      Marshall University

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