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Re: [americancomm] Writers Curve!?!?

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  • W C Adams
    Message 1 of 2 , May 21, 2013
          Given that I have understood your question correctly, you may find what I’ll say of help; otherwise, it could still be of value in general.  First, I’m sure that each writer approaches every situation differently (I have read enough about how writers work, mostly in Writers magazine) and that each situation is slightly different.  Still, mostly it sounds like you have an organization problem.  Solving organization problems usually requires an excellent ability to move up and down the abstraction ladder at the thought level.  Start by stating your ‘not too broad’ idea in its most specific terms to yield a complete declarative sentence.  Then, are there supporting materials that help establish that idea?  They would, obviously, be subordinate to that concrete idea.  Next are there ideas that are parallel to the first sentence you wrote?  These ideas, if you can state them in sentence form give you same-level ideas for your outline.  Again, can you support these ideas?  If so, you’re really doing well and should be able to write a thesis sentence for all these ideas that isn’t too abstract. Certainly, this process is likely to show you where you need to do more research.
            Now, if you’re saying, ‘sure I knew how to do that much already,’ then I failed to grasp your problem.  However, if you’re saying, ‘that doesn’t make much sense to me,’ I’m really surprised; however, it gives me an opportunity to recommend the paper, ‘Teaching Thinking,’ and even Chapter 2 from my textbook, An Idea Focus.  Both of them could be of use to writers and also to teachers in teaching thinking about organizing ideas.

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      Hello Fellows,

      Can anyone explain to me how to stream-line an idea that is not broad, from taking an abstract shape? I have, for the last month and a half, been working on an idea/paper, perhaps an article, that refuses to coalesce.

      Please help.

      Kaila S. Walker,
      Business & Organizational Communication

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