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  • Kari Duffy
    Bittersweet news for sure! Congrats! ... -- Kari Duffy, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Dept. of Communication and Digital Media Carthage College 2001 Alford Park
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2013
      Bittersweet news for sure! Congrats!

      On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 7:13 PM, T. Leeman Adams <leemanadams@...> wrote:

      Dear ACA possibles for the 2013 convention:

      1. As many of you know, I have accepted a new position as Vice Chancellor / Provost at A'Sharqiya University in Ibra, Oman.  This is requiring me to "hand off" the management of the convention to Lindsay Hobbs (UL Lafayette) and Jim Parker (APSU).  It appears as if I will not be at the convention.  I have to report in Oman on June 1.  So, my best to all of you.

      2. Lindsay Hobbs is going to handle all of the details on food/entertainment, and making sure the convention runs smoothly.  She will be communicating with you from here on out.  Stay tuned for details.

      3. Jim Parker will be coordinating/organizing the academic side of the convention.  He will be working closely with Lindsay Hobbs to make sure everything comes off well.

      4. Vernon Humphrey will be handling the financial aspects of the convention, with Phil Auter (Executive Director).  Lindsay is going to spearhead the main budget, and work alongside Jim, Vern, and Phil.

      5. Susan Sarapin will be doing all of the PR design work for the convention.  She's hard at work now on T-shirt, pen, pad, and ditty bag designs.  You will be surprised at what she makes for us.



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