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  • Ellen Taricani
    Very nice to hear from you and read of all your work. It is a strange path but worthwhile one that you have been on.  I am glad you have joined our group and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 17, 2013
      Very nice to hear from you and read of all your work. It is a strange path but worthwhile one that you have been on.  I am glad you have joined our group and feel as if you will add much to who we are.
      Feel free to start some conversations at any point.  We love to hear more from all the many places that people have connected.

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      I am honored to join ACA!


      As a student enrolled in a unique “University High School” program, I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaig (UIUC) in 1984, with several honors and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Speech Communication/Pre-Law. While a student at UIUC, I fell eternally in love with radio and vocal production. In 1982, I founded and managed WBML radio station. I also worked as a vocal production talent for WPGU. My political writing passions evolved from my stints as a features columnist and night manager for UIUC’s campus newspaper, “The Daily Illini”.
      In 1984, I honed my legal debate skills and became a popular and intellectual talk radio personality. From 1989 to 1996, I produced and hosted numerous radio shows in Atlanta,Georgia at WRFG, WIGO, and WGST. In 1992, I began penning award winning, ultra liberal, political columns for various magazines and web sites. From 1996 to 1998, I produced and hosted radio shows in Berkeley, California at KPFA, KPFB, and KFCF.
      My media posts have always complimented my diverse corporate lives. During my media careers, I have been simultaneously employed as a sales consultant, executive assistant, long distance commercial truck driver, courier, teacher, and corporate trainer, and college instructor. My past employers include: FedEx, Continental Airlines, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, the Internal Revenue Service, Southwestern Bell Wireless, and Alltel.

      In 1999, I relocated to Little Rock to earn a Master of Arts degree in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). In 2002, I became an instructor for the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office. I worked with Mark Pryor and Mike Beebe as I traveled solo within 25 Arkansas counties. I trained police officers, attorneys, and children of all ages regarding abducting, prosecuting, and combating child predators, respectively.

      I began formally teaching young children in Arkansas in 2004. In 2006, I completed the Non-Traditional Teacher Licensure Program at the Arkansas Department of Education. I am currently teaching Human Communcation to adults...

      I have earned numerous academic and occupational honors including:

      Who’s Who in America   2008 - 2014
      Who’s Who in the World  2007 & 2010-2014
      Who’s Who of American Women  2008 - 2011
      Who’s Who in American Education 2007-2008
      Who's Who Among America ’s Teachers  2005-2006
      Arkansas Department of Education’s Praxis III Score:  57/57   2004
      Who's Who Among African-Americans  2001
      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Trailblazer Award  1996
      Outstanding Young Woman of America  1986
      Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges  1984
      UIUC Dean's List  1984
      UIUC Senior 100 Honorary  1984
      UIUC Black Alumni Association Earl Dickerson Achievement Award  1983
      UIUC Black Alumni Association Potential Leadership Award  1982
      UIUC 5.0 GPA Award  1982
      Bachelor of Arts Degree
      Speech Communication & Pre-Law
      Master of Arts Degree
      Interpersonal & Organizational Communication
      Summa Cum Laude - 4.0 Cumulative GPA
      Arkansas Teacher’s License - Grades P-4
      PRAXIS III SCORE = 57/57  

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