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DSS 2006

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  • krishnapriya desiraju
    Dear Friends, I am forwarding the announcemt for the doctoral summer school, to be held at Bhubaneswar, India in June. I m afraid the messages I sent
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2006
      Dear  Friends,                                                                                         
      I am forwarding the announcemt  for the doctoral summer school, to be held at
      Bhubaneswar, India in June. I'm afraid the messages I sent yesterday were not very clear. Thank you for reading                                                       this message.                                            
      Best Wishes,                                                                                       
      Krishna Priya                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                                           &n bsp;      

      Registration Open
      March 2006

      Doctoral Summer School (DSS 2006)
      Theme: Case-Study Research


      One week

      June 5-10, 2006

      Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, INDIA
      Join the
      Discussion Group:
      The last Doctoral Summer School (DSS 2005) was organised in June 2005. It focused on the nature of research thinking and practice. Participants came from various institutions around the country. They were either doctoral scholars or management educators who are in the process of their doctoral research.

      Report on DSS 2005

      A Doctoral Summer School is being arranged at Bhubaneswar, India, for doctoral scholars in management and related disciplines, who may be enrolled at any university/institute. Research-minded colleagues from academic and other backgrounds are also welcome to participate. Proposed Topics: place of case studies in research, contexts of case research, case design, skills relevant to case-study research, case writing, case-based pedagogy, typical case studies, case-based thesis proposals, etc.

      Programme Coordination
      Abinash Panda, Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, INDIA; abinash<AT>xlri.ac.in
      Amar KJR Nayak, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, INDIA; amar<AT>ximb.ac.in
      C. Shambu Prasad, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, INDIA; shambu<AT>ximb.ac.in
      Debiprasad Dash, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, INDIA; dpdash<AT>ximb.ac.in
      Florian Kohlbacher, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, AUSTRIA & Hitotsubashi Univ., JAPAN; florian.kohlbacher<AT>wu-wien.ac.at
      P Saravanan, Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, INDIA; psaravanan<AT>imt.ac.in
      Snigdha Pattnaik, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, INDIA; snigdha<AT>ximb.ac.in
      Soumendra N Bagchi, Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur, INDIA; s_bagchi<AT>xlri.ac.in

      Overall: To reflect on case study as a method of research and explore its application in a research area of one's interest.
      Supporting: (a) To become aware of the challenges of doing research in applied disciplines, such as management; (b) To explore the distinctive features of case-study research and the variety of approaches followed in different situations; (c) To practice the skills of doing case-study research.

      Please send an e-mail to the Convenor introducing yourself and describing your interest in case-study research. After receiving the Convenor's comfirmation, please make a bank draft in favour of "Xavier Institute of Management" payable at Bhubaneswar, for the appropriate participation fee (INR 2,500 for students; INR 4,000 for those in employment; the fee includes registration, non-air-conditioned accommodation, and boarding; for a possible discount, write to the Convenor). Air-conditioned accommodation will be available for a higher price. Foreign participants are requested to contact the Convenor for separate registration details. Please send a covering letter (and the bank draft) to the address given at the end. For any payment-related queries, please contact Mr Kishore Pradhan, Accounts Officer (kishore<AT>ximb.ac.in).

      Participants [ Registered | Interested]
      1. M. R. Shaikh, Centre for Mgmt Res. & Devpt, skmohsin1<AT>rediffmail.com
      2. S. P. Kasande, Centre for Mgmt Res. & Devpt, skasande<AT>yahoo.com
      3. Vinod Shastri, Centre for Mgmt Res. & Devpt, vinod_shastri<AT>yahoo.com
      4. Kamal Krishna Mukherjee, XLRI, mkamal_k<AT>rediffmail.com
      5. Wg Cdr Suryakant Sharma, College of Air Warfare, suryakantsharma<AT>yahoo.com
      6. Hemant Kumar Padhiari, IRMA, hemant_padhiari@...
      Niharika Rai, XLRI, niharikarai2004<AT>yahoo.com
      Ellora Panda, ICFAI Business School, panda_ellora<AT>yahoo.com
      Ilangkumaran G., Alagappa Inst. of Management, ilangkumaran_g<AT>yahoo.com
      Venkata Reddy Muppani, SJM School of Management, IIT Bombay, muppani<AT>iitb.ac.in
      Anshuman Tripathy, IIM Calcutta, anshuman<AT>iimcal.ac.in
      Vikramaditya E., Aurora's Postgraduate College, vikramaditya_e<AT>yahoo.com
      S. P. R. Vittal, Aurora's Postgraduate College, sprvittal<AT>gmail.com
      X. S. A. Charles, ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai, xchary<AT>itm.edu
      K. Sudershan, NMIMS, sudershan<AT>nmims.edu
      Sanjay Choudhari, Nationationl Inst. of Construction Mgmt & Res., sanjay_iim<AT>rediffmail.com
      Manas Mayur, IMT, Ghaziabad, manasmayur<AT>yahoo.com
      A. Sharad Naidu, PT Education, Raipur, saisharad<AT>yahoo.com
      Deepak Motiramani, Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation, deepakm<AT>mkcl.org
      Bhaskar Reddy, Society for Educational Advancement, info<AT>seatrust.in
      K. Venkateshwar Rao, MANAGE, Hyderabad, kvrao<AT>manage.gov.in
      Dwaipayan Pattanaik, Exe. Engr (Public Health), dwaipayan_pattanaik<AT>yahoo.com
      G. Mohan, [Affiliation], go_mohan<AT>rediffmail.com
      Manas K. Sanyal, Bengal Engineering and Science University Shibpur, sanyal_manas<AT>yahoo.co.in
      Soumya Ranjan Padhi, ICFAI Business School, padhisr<AT>yahoo.co.in
      Pranab Misra, ICFAI Business School, pranab_misra<AT>yahoo.co.in
      Wasudha Bhatt, Delhi University, wasudhabhatt<AT>gmail.com
      Pradeep Kumar Mishra, IRMA, mpradeep17<AT>yahoo.com

      [Registration will be closed after 20 participants register.]

      Convenor, Doctoral Summer School (2006)
      VENUE: Xavier Institute of Management, Xavier Square, Bhubaneswar 751013, INDIA
      Email: dpdash<AT>ximb.ac.in

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