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  • Tyrone L. Adams, Ph.D.
    Untitled Document Dear AMERICANCOMM Members, As you know, we re in the process of planning the 2006 Congress of the Americas in Lima, Peru alongside the
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      Dear AMERICANCOMM Members,
      As you know, we're in the process of planning the "2006 Congress of the Americas" in Lima, Peru alongside the University of Saint Martin de Porres (USMP) and the International Communication Association (ICA).  We have now distributed some 5,500 4-page color brochures throughout the world concerning this conference, along with the call for papers (CFP).  Submissions ideas and papers are beginning to flow in, now.
      However, the ~new~ news concerning the Congress is that we have signed our three Keynote Speakers for the event.  It brings me great pleasure to announce them to you now:
      Day One: Technology throughout the Americas
      Rita Kirk
      Professor, Chair, Division of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs
      Ph.D., University of Missouri

      Professor Rita Kirk is a Meadows Distinguished Teaching Professor. As an academic, she is recognized for her analysis of political and persuasive campaigns. She is the author of several award-winning books and articles, including Political Empiricism: Communications Strategies in State and Regional Elections; Hate Speech, a book analyzing implications for hate discourse in public communication, with co-editor David Slayden; and her most recent effort, Solo Acts: The Death of Discourse in a Wired World. Kirk was awarded the "M" Award in 2001 and the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award in 2000 by the SMU student body. Specializing in communication strategy, she has more than 15 years of experience as a strategist for city council, mayoral, state, U.S. Representative and gubernatorial races. In addition to her political consulting, she has served as a communications consultant to several national and multinational corporations on public policy matters. Kirk holds a bachelor's degree in communication/political science and a master's degree in communications, both from the University of Arkansas. She received her Ph.D. in communications from the University of Missouri.

      Day Two: Intercultural Communication


      Raúl Vargas

      Writer and Journalist, Director of the News of Radio Programas del Perú

      (Bachellor and Graduate Degrees in the Universities Catholic of Peru, San Marcos and Central of Madrid)

      (Google translation, please pardon)

      The journalist Raul Vargas is a prominent leader of opinion, with more than two million listeners each morning in Peru and an audience conformed by the public of six countries through the Informativo Solar, that is transmitted simultaneously, every day, in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Graduated in Language, Literature and History, he has been expository in numerous seminaries on education and journalism in

      America and Europe, by invitation of UNESCO, the Organization of American States and the Organization of Iberian American States. He has evolved as correspondent of Italian Agency Interpress Service in Lima, Rome and Santiago de Chile. He has also worked in the Regional Center for the Education of Adults in Mexico and the National Council of Education of that country. In Peru he has been Director of the newspaper La República and Political Publisher of the magazine Caretas. He was also Director of the Institute of Investigations of the School of Sciences of the Communication of the University of San Martín de Porres. At the moment he is Director of the News of Radio Programas del Perú, the radio with greater hearing and influences in the country.


      Day Three: Public Affairs


      Alicia Casermeiro de Pereson

      Director of the Institute of Social Communication, Journalism and Publicity of the Pontifical Catholic University Argentina

      (Doctor in Social Communication, Austral University).


      (Google translation, please pardon)

      Professor Casermeiro is a prestigious investigator in the Theory of the Communication and the Political Communication. Its line of central investigation ties with the agenda theory setting, that it describes and it explains the influence of the average news on the public opinion. She is titular university professor of the Theory of the Communication and Public Opinion and books author “La función de consenso social. Medios de comunicación y agenda setting en tiempos electorales” and “Los medios en las elecciones. Agenda Setting en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”, in addition to numerous publications in the area of the Theory of the Communication. At the moment it is member of the Department of Social Communication of the Commission of Social Communication of the Episcopal Conference Argentina and member of the Latin American Council of Accreditation of Education in Journalism (CLAEP). Also she is advisory of the Foundation Educative Television in Argentina. Graduated in Sociology by Pontificia Catholic University Argentina (UCA) and Doctor in Sciences of the Communication by the Austral University. She is Director of the Institute of Social Communication, Journalism and Publicity (ICOS) of the Catholic University Argentina from 1999.

      More information concerning the 2006 Congress of the Americas can be found (currently in Spanish only) at http://www.lima2006.com or on the American Communication Association Website, http://www.americancomm.org/

      Tyrone L. Adams, Ph.D.
      Richard D'Aquin Associate Professor of Journalism and Communications

      Department of Communication
      University of Louisiana at Lafayette
      P.O. Box 43650
      Lafayette, LA USA 70504
      Direct Phone: 337.482.6077; Facsimile: 337.482.6104
      E-mail: tyadams@...
      Personal web: http://www.swampboy.com/
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