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  • Myrene Magabo
    Nov 1, 2006
      Dear Dr. Rosenthal:
      When I submitted my plans and intent to serve ACA, I had thought of airline sponsorships. Or, getting sponsorships from the likes of Expedia, Trip.com. (Or, crusise ships) for reduced fare.
      If, for instance we can set up a conference at the University of the Philippines, the University hostel could possibly sponsor our lodging or any hotel that's tied up to the country's Department of Tourism. Sponsorship concepts like that. Some restaurants in the locality. Media organizations that will cover the affair and feature the sponsoring agencies. If we can actively improve and develop our materials, probably, we can work with Universities and Colleges in terms of Communication Conferences, Fora, Education and Training. And, we could possibly include promotion of Communication Research and Publication that will broaden and strengthen the field of Communication.
      Corporations can  benefit from our organization If we can provide continuing education and training to our members. Their employees can avail of training opportunities. We should then be able to design communication training programs for organizational personnel (i.e., improvement of their communication skills both oral and written, communication strategies that improve organization productivity or improve operations and management). That, way, we can develop a symbiotic relationship with our sponsoring corporations.
      I could probably start this "network like" or chain-like concept of sponsorship if, I am able to profoundly explain and present ACA's quality "communication materials" that could enhance for instance, the teaching of Communication or develop further the field or Communication Research in the Philippines. We can probably offer Communication Educators Conference... we can survey and find out their interests and priorities in terms of advancing communication education and communication research in the country.
      It will not be an instant task to do but we could probably accomplish something like that.

      Ann Rosenthal <dr.ann.rosenthal@...> wrote:
      Each year the American Communication Association holds a conference and solicits financial support from external sources in order to make the meeting more affordable. For example, we get free books from publishers, which we then sell at silent auction to conference attendees. This gives the publisher visibility among potential textbook adopters and povides great deals for our members. It generates a very small amount of revenue.
      One year from now we will meet in Taos, New Mexico, and Dr. Rita Kirk will be posting something soon about the specifics. However, my question today relates to corporate sponsorship in general.
      What sponsorship opportunities can ACA provide to organizations that want to become involved?
      This question is not a hypothetical one. I plan to solicit financial support for this organization. We currently have the corporate sponsorship of EWO, LLC, my own company, and

      Web Hosting &
      Development provided by:

      DWC Network
      Besides assisting with the website development, EWO, LLC, covered the cost of my trip to Mexico City to represent ACA at the talks creating the InterAmericas Council. ACA could not have afforded to cover that expense.
      Rest assured that I am committed to keeping this organization not only alive and growing, but doing so without individual membership fees. Our journal shall remain freely accessible as well. We can only do that by providing some value to receive external support.
      We will be adding a mechanism on our website to accept donations and to explain just what these donations support. So, what do the donations support? Suggestions? What value does this provide to the donors?
      Ann Rosenthal, Ph.D.
      President, ACA

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