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592BoD Statement

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  • Paul
    Sep 1, 2006
      My Board of Directors Statement

      First, I've found interest in and respect for my research and academic interests at the ACA.
      My interest in conservative rhetors, Jerry Falwell, Rush Limbaugh and others, has been met
      with interest and enthusiasm by several ACA members.

      Second, I am interested in helping to carve out an electronic niche for speech communication
      students, scholars, practitioners, and other interested parties. Along with other ACA
      members, I've given much thought to how the Internet can support and perhaps eventually
      transform communication studies.

      Third, I'm interested in exploring ways that the ACA can reach out and network folks who
      haven't been well served by other academic communication associations. In particular, I think
      of adjunct faculty. The ACA could become a meeting place for thousands of folks who want
      to be connected to like-minded persons without having to pay hefty dues, budget for
      expensive convention travel, and receive journals which are most often unread.

      Paul Oehlke