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5876Organizational Communication

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  • Vernon Humphrey
    Aug 18, 2014
      I am currently trying to create a panel for the next Central States Communication Association Organizational and Professional Communication Interest Group.  The theme this year is Convergence.  I am developing a paper on using communication to bridging the cultural difference between the abled and disabled members of an organization.  Anyone one interested in this panel please email me at humphrey_vernon@...  Please pass tis on to anyone yo know that may be interested as well.

      “Each of us is in essence like a rubber band ball. Culture is developed as if adding one rubber band after another. Some rubber bands are wide and comforting; some are thin, tight and painful, with a variety of sizes in-between adding to the construction. Each new rubber band changes the mass, density and dimension of the ball and how it will react to outside stimuli, just as the layers of culture change how we as humans react to situations.”

      Vernon F. Humphrey
      188 Paige Drive
      Mauk, GA 31058