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  • crux31504
    Apr 13, 2014

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      >My name is Heather Crabbe and I am a Kentucky attorney helping to plan our Bar Association’s first Diversity Summit. I am looking for information to take back to my working group at our upcoming meeting. I came across the ACA’s website (and your information) in my research. We would really like to have a guest speaker that is well versed (published and/or some other kind of scholarship) in the area of rural vs. urban communication. Basically, in Kentucky we have some very urban areas, but we also have very rural areas, some referred to as the “hollars.” We want to explore the issues of communication between people from those two groups. For example, you may have someone in rural Eastern Kentucky practicing law in a more urban area or even attending law school in a more urban area. How do we begin to identify the communication issues and what do we do to deal with it? In another example, there could be an attorney from the “big city” that now must represent clients in a rural part of Kentucky. The vernacular would be completely different. How do we prepare attorneys and future attorneys for his issue? In addition to working with colleagues and clients, another issue that we would like to explore is effectively communicating with a jury from either a rural or urban setting. For the “big city” attorney, many of his usual communication techniques may not work in a rural area, and some mannerisms could in fact be deemed disrespectful. Data shows that a large part of what a jury considers (in addition to the evidence) is the likability of the litigants. It’s too huge of an issue to neglect.
      >These are some of the issues we hope to explore. Can you recommend anyone who is well versed in this area?
      >Heather Crabbe
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