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  • J. Thompson Biggers
    Oct 9, 2013



      It is pleasure to meet you and I hope we get to know each other through ACA.  If I can be of any help, just ask.


      Thompson Biggers


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      Hello ACA group.


      Thank you for permitting me to join your group.


      My name is Frances George.  I hope to learn, grow and share.


      After working for years (25) in the court system, social services, and most recently in a few correctional facilities, I am now unemployed.  No, I didn't get laid off; although I have had a couple of positions where the state (Florida) closed the facility, and for another job, the same state privatized/closed the department.  Anyway, quitting my last position, at a non-profit, was voluntary, but very risky, yet somehow also liberating.


      There is so much that I feel I have to catch up on after being on work overload for some time, and not being in touch with things i.e., social media, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I have taken some online courses, and I'm trying to connect again with people.


      Thanks for listening to me rant.  [I have to work on my Facebook page, and my LinkedIn profile.]




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