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5783Fw: Jim and all- I'd stay and work Re: Officers for this year

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  • Myrene Magabo
    Sep 14, 2013
      Jim and all fellow ACAers,

      I am glad we have gotten started with the conversation again. I have been waiting and thanks a lot, Jim for doing so! 

      I would like to be with the working group or committee on the revisions of our by laws--one that may help ensure active engagement from members and officers. I would be happy to help out in the documentation of the proposed changes in our accreditation standards.

      I believe we can work better if we can set a meeting online. Best too if we could agree on meeting virtually, live at least once a month, in the next coming 3 months?

      Myrene A. Magabo
      Comm Instructor, Penn State University
      COM Faculty, University of Phoenix
      (570) 871-3538

      From: Jim Parker <drjparker@...>
      To: "aca-board-list@..." <aca-board-list@...>
      Sent: Thursday, September 5, 2013 9:49 AM
      Subject: Officers for this year

      We should have already selected officers for this year but I dropped the ball. I have talked with all the present officers and they are willing to continue in their positions if that is acceptable. 

      I have a few items on my agenda that I would like to see happen in the coming year and I'm willing to work on them regardless of my role in the organization. We need to make some revisions to the by laws and to the rules of order to codify somethings which have been standard practice.

      Phil always want to make some changes to the accreditation standards. Of course the board will have to approve these changes before they are official.

      John is working on a new version of the website. He has already begun with moving everything in Wordpress which will make the site easier to update for the people who are less web savvy.

      Keith Boepple  the present VP is ready to step into the Presidents role next July as has been the normal process. 

      Phil, John, and I just feel we have some unfinished business we would like to complete.

      So what say all of you. Is there anyone just dying to step up or is the status quo acceptable. Most of the officers except the President have stayed in their roles for numerous years in the past and the rules of order state that people may continue in leadership roles.


      -Jim Parker

      ...it's a crazy quilt reflected in a fun-house mirror! - Zippy the Pinhead