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5655Re: [americancomm] Dept. -> School = enrollment increase?

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  • Myrene Magabo
    May 4, 2013
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      Jon, since the "variables" within your sphere or market are distinct to yours, you will most likely experience a different level of increase in enrollment. Also, the result will depends on the impacts of your material of medium. 

      In most experience observed and encountered, I find it more effective for a particular department or program to do the marketing while carrying the banner of the University itself. It is hard for me to say though as to the number of increase of percentage of increase. The economy has a lot to do with things too.

      Let's say, in the past 5 years, a department or program has been increasing its enrollment by 200 students or 600 students through its intense efforts for recruitment. With the economy and the changes in the loan policies at one point in time, there was a struggle for increasing enrollment. Thus, it is hard to give figures. 

      Stay positive, make the most of the opportunities, and hope for the best! Make projections based on the right circumstances that could be met. A conservative estimate of 3% to 5% increase, provided... so and so. Then, based on the initial outcome, re-plan. I hope this helps. 


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      Subject: [americancomm] Dept. -> School = enrollment increase?

      Hola ACA!  This question is for anyone working at a College or School of Communication.  Our department is trying to grow into a full School, and one of the key feasibility metrics is projected increase in student applications and enrollment.  Does anyone have experience with this type of transition?  How much did enrollment grow when your program began marketing itself as a College or School rather than a department?  Even if you don't have direct experience, anyone with academic marketing/recruitment experience is welcome to respond with an opinion.  Thanks and Happy Friday!  Jon

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