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  • T. Leeman Adams
    Jul 2, 2012
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      When millions of Internet users unite, big things happen.

      Earlier this year, we stopped SOPA and fought the powerful interests that sought to limit online innovation and free speech. And for years we’ve worked together to protect Net Neutrality and fight for universal access to an affordable, high-speed and open Internet.

      These battles remind us how fragile the free and open Internet is — and make it clear that if we don’t fight to protect it, no one will.

      Something big is happening again. Today Free Press and a coalition of more than 100 organizations, academics, startup founders and tech innovators are launching a Declaration of Internet Freedom — five principles outlining the basic freedoms that all Internet users should enjoy.

      The Declaration is meant to spark a passionate, global discussion among Internet users and communities about the Internet and our role in protecting it.

      Please take a moment to read the Declaration of Internet Freedom, sign it and add your comments.

      The release of this document is just the beginning of a movement to secure these five principles — Expression, Access, Openness, Innovation and Privacy — all over the world. We encourage you to respond to this document — you can agree or disagree with it, debate it, translate it, make it your own and broaden the discussion. No platform other than a free and open Internet allows this kind of interaction.

      I hope you’ll agree that these principles are worth fighting for. Please sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom today.


      Josh Levy, Craig Aaron and the rest of the Free Press Team

      P.S. Could you contribute to this fight? This summer Free Press is organizing a massive push to save the Internet for good, and every bit of support counts. Please donate today.

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