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  • avantgarde@canoemail.com
    Jul 9, 2006
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      Press Release and Preface:

      [The Machine] is the crown of Dr. Michel Luc Bellemare’s black
      series. This philos-scientific book probes and outlines the basis of
      thought and eXistenZ, bring philosophy to its ultimate conclusion via
      the unification of Wittgenstein’s philosophy under 1 mantra entitled
      [The Machine], and in the process refining Hegelianism and
      Wittgensteinism to a more fundamental nexus than any 1 prior.
      The originality of [The Machine] is not that it has given something
      original to eXistenZ and philosophical thought; but that it has given
      logic a better fit and understanding in eXistenZ and philosophical
      thought via a process of exegesis, symmetry and ontological
      refinement that has gone furthest in clarifying, illustrating and
      extracting the fundamental form and structure of logical
      representation, without ever extending any prior limit or adding
      anything new to the total logical composition. [The Machine] is the
      basic form and structure that permits all language to be, and to
      function and operate from one to another, general and specific. Thus,
      the purpose and efficacy of [The Machine] is as a pure pedagogical
      means that instructs and refines with hard intrinsic precision [=],
      simple and pure.
      In sum, this crystalline black book (89 pages/black cover/crisp white
      pages) of the new generation will provide a hygienic read for
      philosophers, scientists, and/or anyone wishing to gaze at the abyss
      and catch a glimpse beyond the veil of Maya, in order to see the
      scaffolding of the logos of logos, which is to say mythos but in fact
      is to say logos in total symmetrical operation.

      “What is most abstract is most concrete; what is most concrete is
      most abstract”. MLB

      Dr. Michel Luc Bellemare [Philosopher] is author of two philosophical

      [The Machine] 2005 ISBN#: 0-9781151-0-4
      Relativism [eXistenZia Refined] 2003 ISBN#: 0-9781151-1-2

      Publisher’s Info:

      Blacklist Books Ltd. is a unique press dealing in new works,
      expressing academic thought in new philosophical and
      textual/academic ways. For queries, blacklist can be
      reached at blacklistbooks@.... Any current websites that
      carry the blacklist name have arisen after the fact which
      blacklist is not affiliated with.

      Books can be purchased directly through the publisher at the
      above email address. This purchasing method has been designed in
      this fashion in an attempt to develop a
      wholesome philosophical narrative with readers, critics and
      philosophers, thinking Uber, thinking
      Grund, i.e. thinking thinking itself.

      Even Tidings:
      B.B. ltd.

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