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  • Rodney Merrill
    May 1, 2012
      You are correct that sometimes the word "fuck" is altogether appropriate, which means there are times when it is not. I am no milquetoast and I assure you that I can curse you under the table. But I generally don't begin a conversation that way. There's a time and place is all I'm saying.

      Rodney L Merrill, PhD

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      I apologize to those of you who feel that my language is too strong.  However, I can assure you, sometimes the word "fuck" is altogether appropriate.  And, I'll add, most of the people I find interesting are not so milquetoast that they fear the use of dropping the f-bomb, when necessary.  You craft your professional presence as you wish, and I'll craft mine.  But, I've got a story to tell -- and, it has to come out.  I'm not sure what form this is going to take, and who is going to help me get it out.  But, I'd like some help from a bold voice who can really write; dialogue and plot.  I'm a scholar, not a novelist.

      I'm going to try to attach my dissertation on this email.  Sometimes a historical study is just a study.  And sometimes, it becomes three-dimensional.  Please try to refrain from passing judgment on me, until I find the "correct" way to express about 18 years of utter legitimate confusion.  I have seen things that scholars shouldn't see (in Latin America, specifically), and I am now in post-Soviet Kazakhstan (which is equally intriguing).


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