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  • Lorinha
    May 1, 2006
      Group Therapy
      By Lori Widmer

      They're merely words that we impart

      And speech, they say, is expressed art.

      Persuasion, facts are epistemic

      Yet rhetoric is quite bulimic.

      View all our data – hear our words!

      But not from him- he's too absurd!

      A pedagogue - a rogue – a hack!

      Wait, dear audience, please come back!

      This levity I introduce

      Is just brevity – please, a truce!

      While we get heated over term and tense

      The audience has jumped the fence.

      Do we impart fact or are we spinning?

      In the war on words, just who is winning?

      It's not your message that I resent

      It's that I advocate - you present.

      In Boke's absence, there's a need

      For a rogue poet to intercede

      Though a good poet I am not

      Minus Bokester, it's all you've got.

      Happy Monday, everyone. :))


      Lori Widmer
      Risk Factor
      A product of LDW Publishing
      Valley Forge, PA
      (610) 933-7980
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