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4235Introduction to Mass Communication Class Activity

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  • Jim Parker
    Nov 1, 2010
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      This semester I am teaching for the first time a section of Introduction to Mass Communication. Everything hasn't been as smooth as I would have liked and the class just was not coming together.

      One of the central problems were the exams which come from a common test bank and in my opinion leave much to be desired. Many of the students were doing extremely poorly so I decided to give extra credit as a way of diluting the value of the exams.

      The exercise I choose was for the student to find something on the internet that explained a concept from class. Most students chose either You Tube or TED.com. Ted.Com was a site I had shown them in class.

      This activity seem to bring the class together and now we are much more cohesive unit plus students are not as worried about their grades.

      The final step in the process was to give everyone in the class a way to share their video or web site with everyone else in the class was to make use of social bookmarking. I had each student set up an account at http://delicious.com Now with delicious there are several ways to share. The one of having everyone connect to everyone else as part of a group is a solution but most students are not going to be interested in everything that each other bookmarks.

      The solution I selected was to have everyone tag their entry with "apsu_masscomm". This method allows anyone, I suggest you try it, there are some good entries. Of course much of what I bookmark for use in class is there too and may not be as much fun as what the students found.

      To access this material you just need to go to delicious and in the pull down menu for tags, select explore and type in "apsu_masscomm", without the quotes.

      Happy Bookmarking.

      -jim parker